dream dress discovery.

Although I still have more than one year until “the big day” (Oct. 2012!), I am starting to ease into the process of keeping my eyes peeled for great wedding ideas, items and deals. Well, lo and behold, I came across this FABULOUS unique dress {via Etsy} and instantly fell in love!! I simply cannot stop thinking and marveling over it…
Now if only I could manage to find a similar vintage one at a thrift or consignment store for oh, say, under $100 (vs. the $899 price-tag it currently holds), I would be one ecstatic [budget-savvy] bride-to-be… hey, you never know! :-)


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3 responses to “dream dress discovery.

  1. Rey

    If that is the dress you want, that is the dress you are going to get! You are going to get whatever you want at our wedding! I love you!

  2. Suzanne

    hi Jeanette,
    what a lovley dress! I sure hope you get what you
    want you deserve it!!!
    and if you can get it for cheap why not or
    something very close to it.
    love your blog! I will take a look every now
    and again when I get a chance to @ work you
    know:) love you, Aunt Suzie

  3. lovely! You would look so fantastic in this!

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