iced coffee craze.

Remember my blog post a while back on how to create a “latte knock-off” at Starbucks for a mere $1.94?  Well, I’m on to something even bigger, better, faster, and best of all — cheaper! The secret? Re-usable tumbler plus Starbucks VIA Iced Ready Brew packet. 

Here’s the low-down: a 5-pack of the ready brew packets cost $5.95, with each packet yielding 16 oz. (rather than the measly 12 oz. with my faux latte). Do the math and that’s $1.19/drink! The packets are already lightly sweetened, so all you need is water and ice (plus half & half, if desired) and you’re good to go!  Eco-friendly bonus — you’re not wasting plastic, or your time by sitting in the drive-thru!

Now go ahead and try saying sweet sustainable savings three times fast!


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