snail mail sentiment.

With the constant rise of technology, snail mail seems to be a distant memory and thing of the past for the majority of us. But I think we can all admit how fun it is to randomly receive a letter or card from a friend or loved one (in lieu of the ever-so-typical email/text/Facebook message, etc.) Am I right or am I right?
With my fiancé being overseas, we have both been making an effort to take advantage of the old school pen-and-paper days of communication. I just don’t think an email will ever measure up to the sentiment you get from a card or letter. That being said, I encourage you to make someone’s day by taking the time to send them a little love via snail mail for a change just to let them know you’re thinking of them, or to simply wish them a great day. It’s the little things in life…


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7 responses to “snail mail sentiment.

  1. I do get very happy to see a letter in the mail:)

  2. it’s been so long, I think I might write a letter. Great post

    …By the way I LOVE your Blog.
    Love Leslie

  3. I LOVE getting letters in the mail — how cute that you two are doing that!

    Fashion Translated

  4. Alright, I totally agree. I ask all of my friends here in Tn to write me letters when I’m away at college in Indiana. It’s so comforting and makes my life! It feels so nostalgic and timeless. You have a very lovely blog. :]
    have a great week!

  5. i love snail mail… when i was a kid i used to have penpals. nowadays you worry about that person showing up at your door and killing you.. eek! what is the world coming to?

  6. I absolutely adore letters like the ones pictured in your post. Like back when lovers sent beautiful and romantic addressed letters instead of just sending up a simple text? :)

    xx, Cait

  7. You just absolutely summed up the way I feel about snail mail. It is the best form of communication ever. I still write letters to several people, and I cannot even begin to describe how great that is. They are sooooo much better than email, they are more personal, not just because someone took the time to create something for you, also because I write a lot more personal things on paper than I would in an email…

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