trend to try: blunt bangs

I’ve been seeing the thick bang look all around the web and in magazines recently. Around this time every year I am always enticed by the style.  I was daring last fall and gave it a go, but not quite sure if I want to roll with it again this year. What do you think – trend to try or trend to toss? I’d love to know your thoughts! :)


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7 responses to “trend to try: blunt bangs

  1. I think you look great with bangs!! But I also think it can completely overwhelm the wrong face shape. I know for myself, sideswept bangs were fun for a while, but it takes my hair forever to grow back and I’m now cursing myself for ever having the idea!

  2. I really wish I didn’t have a cowlick and could do this. I reallly want to try this trend – maybe I should get clip on bangs from the Ken Paves line!

  3. LOVE it. although i’m biased because i’d have my bangs like this all the time if i didn’t work outside in the summer.

  4. Love the bangs. I’ve always wanted to try this style but afraid that it will make my already small face smaller. My aunt recently had her hair done like this and her only complaint was that it caused her to get pimples on her forehead, I think its mainly because she has oily skin. Can’t wait to see what you decide to do with your hair ;)

  5. Some women can just pull off bangs like that so well… I unfortunately, can’t :( I liked you with bangs though! I say revisit!

    By the way, I’m having a giveaway on my blog! It’s a gorgeous ruffed scarf by Nikkisic. Not your traditional scarf, but a mix between modern and 1700′s fashion! Go to to check it out :)

  6. I love the blunt bangs look and think you would look great rocking that style! I would have bangs if I could but I have super curly hair that doesn’t cooperate! LOL

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