recap of a lovely day + a pumpkin muffin recipe.

As I mention in yesterday’s post, I’m currently obsessed with all things pumpkin. No, seriously. Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin bread, pumpkin scented candles… you name it, I gotta have it. Late Saturday night I let my cravings get the best of me and I baked pumpkin muffins which made for a perfect breakfast (paired with some coffee, of course) to enjoy on this lovely Sunday morning! (Find the delicious muffin recipe on Smitten Kitchen).

Since it was such a beautiful fall morning,  I couldn’t resist a long bike ride. I love taking the time to reflect, and what better way than through nature and the changing seasons! Check out a few of the images I captured:

How was your weekend?!

Stay tuned for some fun posts coming to SimplyChic this week! :)


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3 responses to “recap of a lovely day + a pumpkin muffin recipe.

  1. pumpkin flavored anything is delightful!

    love the beautiful reds you captured.

  2. Gorgeous pictures! My weekend was much more boring than yours it seems.

    <3 Rachel

  3. Beautiful pics! Love the autumn colors. I will definitely have to try those pumpkin muffins – yummm!

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