one year from today…

I will be a married woman!!! :) 

Remember a few months back when I made that “wedding wish list” blog post as I started to formulate wedding ideas? Well to my surprise, it has been one of my most popular viewed posts ever since.  Because of that, I decided to create another one for you all. So here you have it – a small taste of the latest wedding ideas, inspirations and wishes for my fall 2012 wedding… Enjoy!

It’s not the dream dress you saw here, but it sure is a lovely alternative! {via Allure Bridals}

Who needs real flowers (that will just die anyways) when you can have unique, eco-chic ones like these that will last forever?! Plus, I’m all about a good DIY project! {via Rock ‘n Roll Bride}

Wedding invites made from sustainably harvested yellow birch wood. {via Night Owl Paper Goods}

 Bring the outside in by using sticks as centerpieces; simple, chic, and green! (River rocks and fall-colored leaves will also play a role in decor on my big day) {via The Knotty Bride}

 A wide array of fall-inspired desserts means all guests will be able to find something to satisfy their sweet tooth!

In addition to my root beer keg, apple cider is a must! (And coffee! – But I think that goes without saying)

And speaking of apples – caramel ones make for a fun favor. {via Martha Stewart}

– – –

That’s all for now, thanks for reading! Outfit post coming tomorrow so stay tuned! :)


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10 responses to “one year from today…

  1. Oooh I love reading about weddings!! Please do more wedding posts – I can’t wait to see more of your details as they come together. October is such a beautiful month to get married!

  2. i love that first dress. beautiful pictures. can’t wait to see more.

  3. OMG Jeanette – that first pic IS my wedding dress. I bought it a few months ago. Found it in a magazine and hunted it down… tried it on and cried. It was love at first sight, literally. I am so excited to walk down the aisle in it. Glad to see you like it too!!! Love the vintage feel to it.

    • Megan – no way!! That is awesome! We obviously have similar taste! ;) When is your big day!?

      • Yes we do!!! Seriously, it’s so beautiful and intricate in person (plus, a decent price!). I am getting married June 2, 2012. SO excited. We’re starting to work on save-the-dates/invitations now. Going for a vintage-themed wedding :) How fun that we’re planning at the same time!!!! Have you tried any dresses on yet?

  4. Breanna

    I was just in Nancy Steber’s wedding a few weeks ago and she did centerpieces that were mason jars filled with pine cones she got from her yard with flowers in the middle. It looked really cool!

    And both your wedding dress options are beautiful!!

  5. Oohhh I love this wishlist! I heart the idea of apple cider and rootbeer kegs! so fun:)


  6. People love weddings posts, it’s so crazy~ I had so many hits on mine I made a whole category of wedding posts. I was married in Sept 2005 at a NC mountain resort

  7. That dress is amazing! I love the vintage feel and the back and cut. I also love the idea of the sticks and flower centerpiece. Have fun planning!

    <3 Rachel.

  8. Love the theme and the dress of course is heavenly. Congrats, being married is truely wonderful :-)

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