green beauty buys.

If you’re a loyal reader of SimplyChic, you know I am in favor of sustainable acts and eco-friendly products. After recently discovering that our skin absorbs up to 60% of what we put on it, I decided to make the switch to using products that utilize as many naturally-derived ingredients as possible, in addition to cruelty-free products and ones that support going green.

Have you looked at all the ingredients in the products you use daily? If what you see listed is an ongoing list of words you can’t pronounce, I suggest switching to a more natural counterpart. In my quest to go green with my beauty buys, I’ve decided to share with you my favorites in the process. Consider this installment one of many to come!

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blush in “Dollface”

The lovely pink hue of this blush goes on with the perfect amount of pigment and truly lives up to its “12-hour” title. The just-right rosy look this blush creates suits the majority of skin tones. What’s even better? It’s free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates… among other potentially harmful ingredients. While the price tag is a little steep ($25), this long-lasting blush is worth every penny! (And you know it must be true if it’s coming from a frugal gal like myself! ;))

Sigma Beauty Mrs. Bunny Essential Kit

Although I am a little biased being that I work for Sigma Beauty, there is no doubt that this is one of my favorite brush sets of all time! This 12-piece kit features cruelty-free brushes using 100% synthetic (and unbelievably soft) bristles, making this a certified vegan-friendly product. What’s more, it contains all of the brushes you need for daily makeup application. Plus, just how darn cute are the colors, in addition to that convenient brush cup holder? You simply can’t pass this one up! (Also available in a 7-piece travel set!)

Love & Toast Sugar Scrub in “Dew Blossom”

While browsing the aisles at Target, I was originally drawn to this product because of the adorable packaging. But what sold me was when I took a whiff (delicious!) and then saw it met all my earth-friendly requirements. This scrub works wonders for sloughing off dry skin (especially during these cold winter months) and its delightful aroma transports you to a spring garden. Makes for a great stocking-stuffer! (Money-saving tip: I purchased this for $6.99 at Target – four dollars cheaper than listed on the brand’s website)!

 Lavanila – “The Healthy Deodorant”

Most deodorants contain aluminum-based ingredients which are absorbed into the skin, potentially increasing the risk of cancer. While the verdict is still out on that, I’d rather not take any chances! Recommended to me by a co-worker, I recently purchased this all natural deodorant in lieu of my not-so-natural Secret one and couldn’t be happier with the switch! It is definitely one of the better smelling deodorants I’ve come across in a long time (I went with the standard ‘pure vanilla’, but it is available in four other appetizing scents as well). Find it at your local Sephora!

Alba Botanica Even Advanced SPF 15 Moisturizer

The main feature of this great-smelling moisturizer is what the brand refers to as its “marine complex,” or better known as sea moss extracts. This moisturizer is pleasantly light-weight and absorbs quickly, something normally hard to come by in moisturizers with SPF. It’s great for everyday use and wears well under foundation. Available at Target or Whole Foods Market.

– – –

So there you have it – my most recent favorite eco-friendly beauty buys. What are your thoughts on switching to more natural versions of your daily-used items? Or if you already are on board – what are some of your favorite green products? I’d love to know!

P.S. Check out THIS post for more of my favorite beauty items (showcasing both green and non-green items).


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8 responses to “green beauty buys.

  1. Great post, Jeanette! I try to stick to natural products myself and love all of the ones you’ve shown above. I was going to buy that Lavanila deodorant but it’s super expensive!! I use Toms right now, and I found an Arm&Hammer one at Target that is aluminum-free as well. Unfortunately they don’t sell Love & Toast products at our Target here… I love their products and I really want to try this scrub!!!

    • Glad to know you use natural as well! – That’s awesome! :-)
      Yes – the Lavanila deodorant was definitely a splurge but I am very happy with the purchase! I have a travel-size Tom’s which I like as well!

  2. Great tips, thanks for this post! has great “green” make-up as well, and it’s super afforable!

  3. loved this post and thanks for suggesting the tarte blush. putting it on my wish list!


  4. thanks for the suggestions!! xoxo

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