home is where the decor is.

I love mixing modern pieces with vintage ones to create an eclectic style when decorating. Here are some of my favorite items to dress up a room!

1. Candle wall art; gives visual appeal and a warm ambiance when lit with candles
2. Antique globe; adds old world charm and vintage flare
3. Table lamp; light up a room (literally) with a punch of color
4. Faux fur blanket; a simple way to make a room say ‘cozy chic’
5. Indoor plant; livens up a space and cleans the air, win-win!
6. Reed diffuser; both aromatic and attractive (I like Thymes and Woodwick)
7. Brass animals; to be used as paper weights, bookends, or just cute shelf decor!

What are some of your favorite home decor items?


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4 responses to “home is where the decor is.

  1. Really love the antiques globe!! XX

  2. I have been on the hunt for a cool, vintage globe to add to one of our bookshelves. Love those little owls!!

  3. ohh I want all of this! I love how you set up your site and your posts. so pretty!


  4. That lamp and those owls are so so cute! Gives me the itch to decorate!

    See Me Rwar

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