happy earth month!

It’s pretty common knowledge that April 22 marks the official date of National Earth day, but did you know that April is Earth month!? While not everyone recognizes April as ‘Earth month,’ there are a few of my favorite companies/businesses that do: Aveda, Whole Foods Market, Origins, Seventh Generation, plus many more!

So what exactly is Earth month? It’s a month dedicated to inspiring awareness of the environment and implementing ways to preserve it for generations to come!

With that being said, I challenge you this year to get involved by doing one ‘green’ thing each day for the month of April. Whether it be something as simple as picking up a piece of trash from the sidewalk or as large as buying all of your produce organic, every step counts! Better yet! – I challenge you to perform one act of green-ness each day, no matter what the month, because when it comes down to it, every day should really be Earth day, right?

Get started by reading my top 10 easy ways to green up your act.

Don’t get why being green is so important? Here is a brief article for your reading pleasure.

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  1. “Earth Month is Every Month”

    It is really good to see good people take an active role in “Earth Month.” When I founded Earth Month in 1970; (Formerly Global Clan-Up Month) I had no formable idea of how far environmental issues would go.

    But the reality is after 42 years there is an increase in “Environmental Apathy.” People of all walks of life and stature seem to think that the problem will be cured by government, it will solve itself, it is not all that bad, let someone else do it, I do not want to be involved; and yes even some do not care, etc.

    Hear at Earth Month Network, a Phoenix, AZ based charity, is on a campaign to eradicate Environmental Apathy. We are initiating a program to be held by each individual State to provide Environmental Education for grades K-12. It is a non-compulsory on-line program and has oversight by a States Environmental Department in connection with the States Department of Education.

    This now program needs Sponsors and Partners and private financial donations to make it work. Funding is also brought to the fore through EPA and Federal Grants.

    We hope you can give a helping hand and get involved in your State.

    Brad Follett, founder/CEO
    Earth Month
    Earth Month Network
    P.O. Box 8038
    Phoenix, AZ 85066

    Copy Right © 1970 Earth Month & 2012 Earth Month Network are Registered Trade Names

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