found: my wedding shoes.

Yes, I found my wedding shoes this past weekend! I was on the prowl for a shoe that was a) somewhat vintage-inspired, b) not too high/easy to walk in and c) something I could wear again. So when I saw these I automatically thought, “Check, check & check.” And off to the register I merrily went.

What do you think? ;)

P.S. These were runner-up (in the mustard shade).


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7 responses to “found: my wedding shoes.

  1. I love the yellow ones (I own them), however I think your choice is very practical and they will be comfortable if you will be standing a lot (I wore wedges for my wedding too).

  2. I have those UO pumps and while they are not uncomfortable, I think this wedge will be much better for your wedding day. Plus, I think these are perfect for your fall wedding :) Love the color!

  3. CHECK CHECK CHECK with happiness! these are adorable and such a perfect height.


  4. Breanna

    Super cute! Def practical as comfortable wedding shoes and/or everday shoes!

    By the way, I got the Gud sample! It was just a sample of the body lotion but it smells really good and there was a coupon for a $1 off any Gud product so I’m thinking about investing in the shampoo and conditioner!

  5. annie

    Those are SO cute – and look really comfy – so perfect for a wedding :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. Did you see these?

    Not sure if these will go with your dress but I thought of you when I saw them!

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