progress report: eat-in kitchen

Hey everyone! Missed me, eh? I’ve been so pre-occupied with moving and getting settled into the new house that SimplyChic has been sitting on the back burner. I did, however, want to whip together a quick post to show you one of the many rooms we are in the process of updating! Check it out:


^This is how the previous owners had the room (I snagged the photo from the orginal online listing.) To me this screamed cluttered, dreary and just plain ‘blah.’  The first thing to do was get rid of that violet/gray sponge paint! (Hard to see in the picture but it was not pretty)


^ That left wall above the chair rail will soon be knocked down to create a more open kitchen concept.


^Room cleared, trim taped off and walls ready for paint!


Fresh paint, wall art, island, bar stools, and a plant make the room feel instantly updated and more ‘at home’ so to speak.

Our next project before we can say this room is truly complete is to install window treatments. I’m thinking bamboo roman shades that match the dark wood floor – thoughts?  Speaking of the floors, I would also love to re-stain them — you can’t really tell from the pictures but the stain that the previous homeowners applied is fading in spots and the varnish is peeling off – wah, wah, wah. I would also love to install beadboard underneath the chair rail. Okay, I could honestly come up with a never-ending list of things I’d “like to do” but I’ll spare you and stop right here.

So long story short, now that I’m in the new house and getting my hands dirty, there will more than likely be many more interior design/decorating posts to come! Stay tuned!


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3 responses to “progress report: eat-in kitchen

  1. looks fantastic!!!! wanna come over and paint my house? xoxo

  2. your work so far looks INCREDIBLE! can’t to see it progress! love the photos :)


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