cabinet makeover completion.

I’m back again with another kitchen update! Just a few weeks ago when I featured our little wall demo that you saw here, I mentioned the next step in our kitchen renovation was going to be the cabinets. While I appreciated the work the previous homeowners put into distressing the cabinets the way that they did, I wasn’t too keen on always trying to decipher whether the brown I saw on them was dirt or paint. I decided that you really can’t go wrong with a classic white kitchen, so we opted to paint the cabinets — you guessed it — white. We also replaced the bronze hardware with satin nickel hinges, knobs and pulls to up the ante on the “so fresh and so clean, clean” factor.


After four days of hard work (and channeling my inner Young House Love),  it’s safe to say that the kitchen got a major upgrade. But it didn’t come easy. First, the cabinets and drawers were removed… then sanded, deglossed, primed, painted, painted again, re-installed, and drilled with the new hardware. And now here we are. Behold our new and improved kitchen:











Coming in at just under $200, this wasn’t exactly the cheapest of DIY projects but it was much better than spending thousands on new cabinets. Besides, why buy new when you can repurpose what you already have? Reduce, reuse, recycle! :-)



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4 responses to “cabinet makeover completion.

  1. Breanna

    Very nice, Jeanette! You’re right about the old cabinet color, looks way better now!!

  2. Laura

    Love the white cabinet look. Always wanted that. Maybe my next home!
    Great job,

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