on the walls.

Happy hump day! Hopefully your week has been going well! Today I’m checking in with another kitchen update… well technically an “eat-in kitchen” update, thanks to a few new additions on the wall! But before we get to that, here’s a little review of the room’s progression to date:


2You might remember seeing the two photos above from this post way back when we first started making changes to the space.

3In addition to the expansion of the doorway that you got a glimpse of here, we installed a small flat screen TV and a window turned message board to complete the space!


The details:

4I scored this old window at a garage sale last summer for $1. Although it could serve as a decorative piece on its own, I decided to make it functional by giving the panes a coat of chalkboard paint and turning it into a message board. Below it I hung a rail from IKEA along with a wire basket for storing a small jar of chalk (and whatever else finds its way into the basket), plus a few S-hooks for hanging keys. (Inspiration for this project found here).

5I battled with the idea of adding a TV to this space for a while, especially since the previous homeowners had one there so the cable for the area was already good to go.  I was on the fence because houses that have a TV in almost every room are a real pet-peeve of mine, so when we first moved into the house I told myself I didn’t want more than one TV. It’s just too often that nowadays the latest reality show or sports game on the tube becomes the center of attention rather than sharing a conversation. But after some thought, we decided to go for it since the majority of our time is spent in the kitchen area (and by “we decided” I really mean “I decided” because Rey was on board the second I simply made mention of doing some price checking). And I’ll admit, it’s nice to be eating breakfast at the island or cleaning and be able to catch a show without having to go the basement (where the only other TV is). I also like that we can sync our laptops to the TV and play music when entertaining.

6 - target mugsOh, and just for fun — here are the coffee mugs I’ve been obsessing over that I mentioned last week.

The next big change in our house is going to be the addition of dark wood blinds to the majority of all our windows, but unfortunately that won’t be happening until sometime in April as we just got word that the order we placed is on backorder. However, I have plenty of other updates to feature in the meantime so check back again soon!


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