mantel makeover.

Yet another paint project took place this past weekend at the Caban casa. After getting favorable results with the chair facelift, I decided to give our fireplace mantel the same treatment. It always bothered me that the mantel didn’t match the built-ins alongside the fireplace or the trim above it, so it didn’t take very much deliberating to decide whether or not to go ahead and paint it. I realize many people are opposed to painting wood, but I think after looking at the before + after below that everyone can agree that the paint prevails, or at least in this case it does!

mantel makeoverYou can see another picture of the mantel in its ‘before’ state here.

2Voilà! Crisp, clean & most important — cohesive!

mantel makeover

mantel makeover

Now all the mantel needs is some cheery spring decor, such as a mix of items like seen here or here.

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5 responses to “mantel makeover.

  1. Adorable! I feel like white is always the color to go with when it comes to mantels or shelves!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love how you decorated the mantel! It makes me want to paint mine white now. But my mantel is attached to 2 built in cabinets on either side that would also need to be painted…not sure I’m ready for that commitment yet. Love what you’ve done with your new house. wanna come do mine, LOL!?!

  3. Jean M.B.

    Okay, here’s the deal…first, the little cool color side table next to the fire place is too small in stature to be placed next to the Mosque size fire place. The theory of placement 101…Papa, mama, baby…relative in relative balance. Now! to get to the problem. Subjective…Subjective…my only concern is…what are you going to do to remove the paint when you learn that a good resale hinges on natural brick!!!
    Love always,
    Jean :)

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