a farm-inspired display.

When we first bought our house, the space above the fridge had unsightly floral, sheer purple curtains covering it in place of what should be cabinet doors. There were drill holes on the side where cabinets were clearly once attached, plus more holes along the inside where shelves could be adjusted, and a partition in the middle for cabinet doors to close onto… yet sadly the doors were nowhere to be found. So here’s what happened: the curtains came down (and made their merry way to the dumpster), the partition was removed, the holes were filled up, and the space got a fresh coat of paint during the cabinet makeover.

And then this is what became of the space for a short while:

beforeA few wine racks and bottles of wine were tossed up there, along with a vintage cookie jar (it’s filled with an assortment of tea bags, in case you were wondering) and a water pitcher. But aside from the fact that it was a real pain to retrieve anything from up there (and upon realizing that wine shouldn’t be in direct sunlight — umm duh, Jeanette), I decided to make it into a little vignette of sorts.

Enter cottage-esque farm-themed display:


A closer look…

farm-inspired cabinetItem details: rooster creamer – $2.48 (on clearance) @ Target; vintage scale – free (a trade I made with my mom for this one that I already had but didn’t like as much as the one she had); succulent plant + vase – $5.98 @ Lowe’s; picture + frame – $2 @ St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store in St. Paul; antique milk crate + glass bottles – $36 (splurge!) @ Kismet Consignment in Rochester.

farm-inspired display

If we find ourselves needing more storage space in the kitchen, I figure down goes the display and I’ll simply put a few baskets up there to hold necessary items (the kind that don’t need to be of easy access). Or there’s always the option to re-drill some of the holes for where the shelves once were so that we could store cookbooks as our collection expands. In the meantime though, I’m claiming this once-cabinet as a rotating display case for my constant need love to find new ways to decorate and change things up around the house! ;) I’m already brimming with ideas…

Do you have any suggestions for what you would do with this space? I’d love to hear them!



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3 responses to “a farm-inspired display.

  1. girrl I can’t get over how cute your house is!

  2. Love what you did with the space!

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