target strikes again.

Let’s talk about Target… you know, that store where you go for just one thing and end up leaving with ten…

Today I’m sharing with you some of my current favorite home-related items from Target, all of which I conveniently don’t “need” but could definitely talk myself into buying. (Bonus – everything goes on clearance sooner or later…)

target home decor wish list

  1. These sunshine-colored curtains (featuring a lovely paisley pattern) would liven up any room.
  2. I’m all about the modern-ness of this glass terrarium, and I think it could make a cool candle holder as well.
  3. Stylish storage alert! Canisters with colorful lids + chalkboard labels? I’m sold.
  4. Basically this dragon-fly pillow just needs to fly its way on into my living room… end of story.
  5. Two of these classy table lamps would be the perfect addition to our bedside tables (in place of the mismatched ones we are currently using).
  6. I’ve packed away the wool throws for the winter and these organic blankets seem like the perfect replacement for the spring months.

I’m also a big fan of Target’s selection of soy candles. You should definitely check them out! (Why soy, you ask? I steer clear of standard paraffin wax candles because they emit a smoke which contains carcinogenic toxins (not safe to breathe) and after time those toxins create a film of black soot on the walls.)

*To see more of the items on my ‘home goods wish list,’ go here.

What are some of your favorite items you’ve spotted (or bought) at Target recently?



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3 responses to “target strikes again.

  1. I went into target for some garbage bags yesterday and ended up with a slew of adorable things to reorganize my desk. Damn you Nate Berkus!

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