A+ for american blinds.

This past week we finally received the shades we ordered back in December from American Blinds (they were placed on backorder twice), and I can now say it was four months worth the wait! The shades were super easy to install and we love the way they look.

old blinds
Out with the standard vinyl roller shades, in with the new custom woven wood ones!

new blinds

Instead of taking a picture of almost every room in the house with the new shades (we installed 16 total), I thought I’d make it simple and show you just this one window. You get the jist!  (Note: we went with ‘Sumatra 87’ if you’re after a similar look. It lets a small amount of light in but not enough for anyone on the outside to see in).

At first I was wary of ordering shades online, but based on my overall experience and despite the wait, I highly recommend American Blinds to those in the market for [affordable] custom blinds or shades. We saved hundreds of dollars going with them instead of the big box store. Another bonus — you have the ability to order as many free samples as you want prior to purchasing so you can make sure you are getting exactly what it is you want. We were also extremely impressed with the customer service. All in all I give them an A!


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