five things.

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Happy Friday, friends! A quick shout-out to all my fellow Minnesotans who are rejoicing about the fact that we reached the mid-60s today for the first time, not to mention the prediction of temps in the low 70s later this weekend. Hallelujah, huh?! I even opened a few windows in the house today. Ahh-mazing.

Aside from sweet sunshine-filled days like today, here are five things I’m looking forward to most this season, in no particular order: 1. the farmers market // 2. garage sales // 3. iced coffee // 4. gardening // 5. fresh flowers. All such simple, yet gratifying distinguishers of spring + summer. Oh, and if I had a bike like the one above, I’d really be set.

What about you – what are the things you’re most looking forward to this season?

Enjoy the weekend!

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