local shop spotlight: EGG|PLANT


I recently came across a quaint, sustainable-savvy shop in St. Paul worth raving about. Enter Egg|Plant Urban Farm Supply store. I’m a huge fan of supporting local + family-owned businesses and after stopping and shopping at this one, I quickly grasped the “you’ll be a repeat-customer” vibe it was giving me.

While the shop itself is on the small side, it boasts an abundance of merchandise that might make you wish you had a cart. Among the shop’s vast range of products, you’ll find a large selection of all things necessary for creating an urban backyard homestead. Whether you’re looking to dabble in chicken-raising or try your hand at organic gardening, Egg|Plant is your go-to shop! You’ll also come across items for composting, homemade brewing, fermenting, cheese making, canning, preserving, plus more. In addition, the shop offers a variety of classes on the majority of those topics to provide you with everything you need to know on the subject.


If you’re curious about learning how you can be more sustainable (even in an urban city-setting), or are simply looking for resources/supplies on a particular homesteading task like those mentioned above, I highly recommend making a stop at Egg|Plant.

Have you come across any new shops lately that has earned a spot on your favorites list?

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One response to “local shop spotlight: EGG|PLANT

  1. Thank you for this! Very neat that this sort of thing is popping up!

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