façade facelift.


Since day one when we moved into our house I had one project in mind: painting the door a bright, cheery red. A simple project, right? Not quite. In addition to our door being a pine green, so were our shutters. Unless I wanted every passerby to think of Christmas time when they looked at our house, I knew I had to tackle the shutters before I could get to painting the door. I toyed with the idea of just buying new ones but why buy new if you can repurpose what you already have, especially if it works just fine. I watched a few YouTube videos and realized you can easily paint shutters if you used the correct paint, aka one that won’t chip off of vinyl. So I picked up a few cans of trusty Rust Oleum spray paint in black and went to town. After un-installing, cleaning, spray painting, and finally re-installing, it was finally time to paint the door!

Thanks to this picture I came across a while back, I knew right away that I wanted to opt for a more bright, poppy-colored red rather than a traditional brick-toned one. Go big bold or go home, right? I got an almost perfect match to that picture with a Benjamin Moore semi-gloss in “Ruby Red.” I deglossed the door, taped off the glass panels and hardware, and a whopping five coats of paint later I came to this:

red door

Aside from having to do more coats than planned (I was estimating only 2-3), I also encountered an issue with the tape. When I went to remove it, not only did the tape peel off, a lot of the paint did, too! I had a major panic attack minor freak out and thought I was on the verge of a DIY disaster. But then remembered seeing this blog post, reminding me that there is no need to tape off glass in the first place if you are using a latex-based paint because it will peel right off the glass. So unfortunately I had to re-paint around the glass panels and the areas that peeled (sans tape), and then later scrape off the paint that got onto the glass. Live and learn.

door makeover



Overall I’m happy with the end result but think I might be even happier if I add this fun decal and/or this too-cute knocker! ;)

What do you think of the transformation? Are you a fan of bright and bold doors or do you prefer more traditional ones?


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3 responses to “façade facelift.

  1. Still trying to decide what color to paint our front door. Good to know about the latex paint on the glass.

  2. I LOVE the bright poppy door, it really looks wonderful on your house. My door is brown and I live in a brick ranch with a bit of with yellow/creamish siding and I can’t even remember what color our shutters are, that’s how BLAH it all is. Thanks for the inspiration:0)

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