life lately.

Happy Friday! I promised myself I would get back on the blogging bandwagon this week so here I am (thanks to those who have participated in my reader survey quiz by the way)! But before I start getting back to writing my normal posts that you’re use to, I figure two months off the blog grid deserves its own post about what I’ve been up to. I’ll try to keep this short…

First up, I’ll tackle the subject of health + wellness. I’ve recently been reading Kris Carr’s ‘Sexy Crazy Diet’ book which emphasizes a plant-based diet rich in vegetables as well as low-glycemic and raw foods. (This book really is worthy of its own blog post). Although I consider myself a pretty healthy eater, this book, alongside the Forks Over Knives documentary (you might remember my blog post making mention of that here), got me thinking I should really step up my game. I decided to go on a 2-week “cleanse” where I cut out all dairy as well as foods containing wheat + gluten. The cleanse resulted in the loss of a few pounds, clearer skin, no bloating and more energy. While I’ve since been consuming small amounts of gluten and dairy here and there, I would love to adapt a 100% plant-based diet down the road but I am taking baby steps for now. And in case you were wondering about some of the things I consumed during the cleanse, here are a few examples:

*My Pinterest boards are a great source for recipe ideas!

In addition to the clean-eating, I’ve been making it a point to do some form of physical activity for 30-60 min/day, 5-6 days/wk. This can be as simple as a brisk walk or something as strenuous as a long-distance run. However, biking has always been one of my favorite workout activities, so my husband was nice enough to buy me a new bike to replace the one I’ve had since high school, knowing it would get plenty of use. I went with a commuter-style since I’m not big into trail-riding nor road-racing and a lot of my biking is purely for transportation purposes (why drive if you can get to where you need to go by bike? Save gas/money and get a workout at the same time — win-win!) The 2013 Women’s Vita Base Mixte was a perfect fit for what I was after. (I also purchased saddle bags for the back for making small trips to the grocery store).

2013 Women's Vita Base Mixte Road Bike

Next on my list of items to mention is the newest member of our family as of three weeks ago: Paisley! She is a pure-bred yellow Labrador retriever now going on 10-weeks-old. Her daily routine involves sleeping, hiding underneath things, chewing whatever she comes across and getting into anything and everything she can. (Can you blame me for not making/having time to blog?) If you live in Minnesota or the surrounding area, we highly recommend the breeders at Welcome Home Labs.


Last but not least, a good chunk of my time has been spent in our [new] vegetable garden that we built this year. I won’t divulge too much because I could write a whole blog post about it (and will be doing so very soon), but I will say it has been a very rewarding experience being able to just go to the backyard to pick our very own homegrown produce!

vegetable garden

Well that’s it for now… I’d love to know what you have been keeping busy with this summer! Expect to see more posts from me in the next few days! Have a great weekend.

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