curtain call.

I’ve started doing this thing lately where anytime I sit in a room I end up scrutinizing it from top to bottom, taking into account the “feeling” it radiates along with all the possible things that could be done to make it better. (OCD anyone?) This has led to the creation of a pretty hefty room-by-room improvement list for my house. Some of the ideas for improvement are pretty far-fetched or just too expensive to embark on at this time, while others are just a simple adjustment, like the one I made over the weekend.

As I’m sure you’ve read or seen in any interior design magazine, hanging curtains well above the top of the window can add height to a room, and hanging them farther outside from the window can make the window appear larger (reference this image). When I hung our curtains up in the living room last summer I kept this in mind, but I was concerned that hanging them too high might look odd or distracting, so I only went about 6 inches or so above the window. After having one of my “room scrutinizing sessions”, I decided to go all the way to the ceiling. Now I only wish I’d done it sooner! Here are the before and afters (click images to enlarge):

curtains before

before and after

curtains after

Since I raised the curtains on the main wall, I raised the ones on the two adjacent walls in the room as well, shown below.

living room

living room

Although it was a fairly subtle change, the room really does have a taller + larger feel to it now. Woot-woot, raise the roof curtain! (sorry, corny joke for the day). Now that my eyes are drawn up toward the ceiling, I’d love to have beadboard or textured wallpaper installed up there. Just one more thing to add to that list… ;)

What are your thoughts on hanging curtains higher/wider than the window? (Psst – something to note if you like the look: many IKEA curtains come in 98″ and 118″ in length which is perfect for high-hanging curtains. Better yet, the curtains are sold in pairs (versus individual panels) and much cheaper than what you’d find at Target).


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