bathroom facelift + easy ways to upgrade yours.

When we bought our house, the upstairs bathroom greeted us with Pepto-Bismol colored walls and a claustrophobic feeling. Without having to drain the pocketbook, here are the simple changes I made to give the bathroom the face-lift it so desperately needed. (click to enlarge images)

bathroom before^ This is what the bathroom looked like when we toured the house.  

bathroom facelift^ Here’s what the bathroom likes like currently.

The obvious first step was to paint. I went with a light butter cream color which I thought would off-set the white trim and gray tile nicely. Buying a large wall cabinet for above the toilet added extra storage — a real necessity since the bathroom is small to begin with.

bathroom storage

Q-tips and cotton pads are stored in glass jars for easy access while commonly used face products are corralled in a wooden box.

shower curtain

Next I added a shower curtain I found at Target that incorporated a soft yellow shade to tie in with the wall color.

letters above shower hooks

Hooks were added to the back of the door for towels to optimize the room’s space. First initials above the towels make for a fun detail.

DIY framed mirror

My latest upgrade to the bathroom was framing out the mirror. (Simply buy a few pieces of trim, cut it to the necessary size making a 45 degree angled at each end, glue onto the mirror with liquid nails and caulk the corners for a seamless finish!)

I also bought this light with high hopes of replacing the current dated one, however, I unfortunately discovered the wiring behind it was completely off-centered and would require the help of a professional to move it. Wah, wah, wah…

small bathroom

In summary, here are my cheap & easy solutions for improving a bathroom:

  • Paint! Change the color scheme to reflect a lighter + brighter space
  • Replace the shower curtain to give the room a whole new look
  • Store things out of sight (and organize what is in sight) for a clean, de-cluttered feel
  • Frame the mirror for a ‘custom’ feature
  • Refrain from using toilet seat covers and more than one rug
  • Opt for a permanent soap dispenser versus disposable ones
  • Add fresh flowers

Check out some of my favorite bathroom designs + ideas here.

***UPDATE! See round two of updates to this room HERE.


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2 responses to “bathroom facelift + easy ways to upgrade yours.

  1. Emily

    Where did you get the cabinet that is above the toilet?

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