stacked suitcases.

vintage suitcase

Remember this vintage suitcase I posted about yesterday?

Well it joined up with a few of its kind that were lying around the house and is now sittin’ pretty as a bedside table in the guest room.

stacked suitcases as bedside tableThe yellow one was $2 from Salvation Army, the middle blue one was found in my grandpa’s basement, and the top gray one was a recent garage sale find for $1.50. Total cost for this quaint bedside set-up? $3.50! Can’t beat that.

stacked suitcases

Here is a fun article featuring four ways you can re-purpose old luggage if you’re in the market for putting some suitcases to use like I was!

Is this something you’d consider trying in your house?



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2 responses to “stacked suitcases.

  1. They are great to store sheets and extra bedding in!

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