picking paint.

The guest-suite bathroom in our basement is probably one of the most least-used rooms in the house, which explains why it has taken me more than a year to finally get around to deciding how to make some updates/improvements to it. If you read my post about our third floor bathroom makeover, then you know my first step in updating a room involves paint.

bathroom paint swatches

The current color is a muddy yellow/beige which does absolutely nothing for the space.  I swatched three paint colors that I had leftovers of from other rooms I painted in the house and now I am at a crossroad…

paint swatches

‘Dried plantain’ would pair nicely with the black & white floor tiles for a charming cottage feel (this is actually the same color used in the third floor bathroom), while ‘clothesline fresh’ gives a soothing and airy spa-like vibe (this is the color in my office which you have yet to get a tour of!). I am starting to think ‘polar star’ is no longer in the running (this is the color in our dining/living room) because it just feels too blah.

I’d love to know which color you think would look best in the space!


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  1. Loving that Clothesline Fresh!

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