guest bathroom makeover: setting the tone.

Earlier this week I asked on the blog and on Facebook for your opinion on what paint color you think would be best in the guest bathroom I am making over. Most people seemed to be in favor of ‘clothesline fresh.’ Contrary to popular vote, I’ve decided to go with ‘dried plantain’  after a week of deliberating and looking at the swatches in different lighting. Like I mentioned previously, I think the pale yellow will be a nice complement to the black & white tile which will result in the quaint, “cottage-y” look I’m after.

Before I get to painting and updating a variety of other elements, here’s what I’m starting out with:

bathroom before
And here’s what I’ve got in mind for the makeover:

mood board(click image to enlarge)

The light yellow walls will be the perfect backdrop to the botanical bird print shower curtain that I scored at Target last week for 50% off ($9.98!). The next step in updating the space will involve swapping out the current outdated light fixture with this charming lantern-esque one. Then comes all the small (yet equally important) components — apothecary jars for storing cotton balls and Q-tips; wire baskets for corralling hand towels and toiletries; new cabinet knobs for adding charm to the now-boring vanity; a jute bath rug for infusing a bit of texture to the space; an oil can soap dispenser for giving off a cool farmhouse feel; and a mix of accessories to complete the look! I am also thinking a rustic DIY towel rack is in order for this wall where I previously showed you the paint swatches.

Progress post coming next week! Have a great weekend!



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2 responses to “guest bathroom makeover: setting the tone.

  1. Good luck! I love the way it is now too :) Especially all the glass blocks!

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