guest bathroom makeover: progress report.


Although the picture doesn’t show much of a change, a lot happened over the weekend to kick off the bathroom makeover! — The walls got a new coat of paint (‘dried plantain’) while the ceiling received a fresh coat of white, the vanity cabinets + drawers were cleaned and spray painted (hard to tell in the picture but they were an off-white before so I made them bright white to match the sink), the tiles received a good scrub plus some new caulk where need be, and the new shower curtain was put up!

target shower curtain$9.98, orig. $19.99 – why thank you Target clearance!

botanical bird shower curtain

Now that the cleaning + painting portion of the project is done with, next comes the installation of a new night fixture, adding new vanity hardware and accessorizing, aka the fun stuff! (I’ll also be making a towel rack with some scrap wood and these hooks, so stay tuned for that tutorial!)

Visit again soon for the final reveal!


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