DIY grain sack-inspired pillow.

diy grain sack pillow

I love the look of striped grain sack pillows but I’m not a fan of the price tag (reference below), not to mention most of them are just sold as covers so the pillow itself would be an additional cost.

grainsack pillows

1. Etsy, $40 // 2. Pottery Barn, $39.50 // 3. West Elm, $69 // 4. Restoration Hardware, $59

This weekend I managed to make my own using a plain pillow I already had lying around plus some Scotch tape and a bit of red paint from a previous project. It was so easy that there isn’t even a tutorial worth showing; all I did was use the tape to create lines to the thickness I wanted and painted in between the tape. If you don’t have a cream or white pillow lying around like I did, IKEA sells covers for as little as $3 and cushions starting at $4.

Check out the before + after:
before and after

grain sack pillow

This is definitely an easy and affordable DIY and will only take about 20 minutes of your time. If you’re not necessarily a big fan of the stripe look, using stencils to trace a word or an ampersand symbol would also be a fun option! Is this a DIY project you’d consider tackling?


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