outdated vanity turned updated work space.

You know the updates I made to the guest bedroom bathroom? Well I was also working on another project in the guest bedroom – the vanity area! I initially planned on just updating the light fixture and framing out the mirror, but then a different idea popped into my head which in turn  gave this space a whole new life. (click to enlarge images) Check it out:

beforeMLS listing pic from previous homeowners.

Looks a bit different, huh? Before I show more details of the after photo, take a look at a few of the steps it took to get there:

beforeThe first step was taking down the outdated light fixture and replacing it with something more fitting for the space.

beforeI’d had my eye on the this outdoor lantern from Lowe’s which didn’t work in the upstairs bathroom nor the guest bathroom like I hoped, so it found a home here instead. Behind the mirror and old light I discovered the atrocious lime green that the room had once been – yikes. And upon removing the mirror that was glued to the wall (why?!), I also managed to take off chunks of drywall. Wah, wah, wah…

progress picTo deal with the peeled off drywall, I spackled on drywall compound over the areas that needed it, sanded to make the wall smooth, and primed before painting on two coats of chalkboard paint. I was planning on having the project be finished at this point but I felt like something was missing. I wanted the space to have a more charming rustic feel and that’s when I realized it was the laminate counter top that was throwing me off.

DIY distressed wood deskI loved the look of the dark wood shelves in Remodelaholic’s updated office space which gave me the idea to cover the laminate. I spent about $10 on pine wood planks at Home Depot (I had them cut it to the size I needed in the store since I don’t own a saw) and another $6 on a small can of stain. After staining the wood in dark walnut, I hit it with a chain and hammer to create distress marks. Then it was just a matter of sliding the planks into place! (The two end pieces are nailed together and the rest is being held in place by tension so it can easily be removed if need be).

A little accessorizing and here’s the finished space:

rustic work space

rustic office space

desk accessories

desk accessoriesI couldn’t resist adding some fun desk accessories!

window pane with chicken wireI smashed out the glass on this old window pane and stapled chicken wire onto the back to make it a place to hang photos, reminders, etc.

chippy chair with ampersand pillow

rustic work space

Item source list:

  • Light fixture – Lowe’s, $29.98
  • Wood + stain – Home Depot, approx. $16
  • Antique window – Northwest Architectural Salvage in St. Paul, $10
  • Magazine rack – Home Goods, $19.99
  • Chair – gifted ($1 garage sale find from mom)
  • Vintage globe – gifted (from my grandpa’s house)
  • Ampersand pillow – HOM Furniture
  • Fake plant + pot – IKEA, $4.99 & $1.99
  • “C” coffee cup – Home Goods, $3 (on clearance)
  • Tree bark pencils – Home Goods, $4.99
  • Notebook – Home Goods, $6.99
  • Vintage pencil sharpener – Savers, $3.99
  • Brass owl – Savers, $2.99

I figure if I ever want to return the space to its original usage, I could easily add a new mirror and paint over the chalkboard paint if need be. What do you think of the transformation? Do you like the space better as a desk or would you have left it a vanity?

Have a great weekend!



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12 responses to “outdated vanity turned updated work space.

  1. Jeanette! I don’t know if I can properly write in a comment how much I love this transformation. omg. That wood coverup is incredible! And that pencil sharpener is a great find. I’m jealous. You turned something horrible (in my opinion) into something amazing. You should be a house stager!

  2. This is AMAZING! What a great transformation! Good work!

  3. Hannah Hicks

    Umm. You’re my hero. I wish I could do half of this stuff!

  4. I love that wood desk top! Gorgeous! And the light fixture is amazing. Love it all around!

  5. Love what you’ve done here. I love the rustic desk top and the chalkboard!!

  6. I love the space! When did you move? Would love to meet you and get a coffee if you are in the Twin Cities!

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