project planning.

With the new year approaching (and the dismal reminder that there are still a handful of months of being cooped up inside), I’m dreaming of all the house projects I’d like to complete before winter’s end.

Rather than wait to post each project once I’ve finished it, I decided to post what I’m hoping I plan to accomplish in a means to 1) give you guys a heads up for what’s to come on good ol’ SimplyChic, and 2)  hold myself accountable for actually seeing the projects through.

So without further ado, here are some of my planned DIY projects for the winter months:

Install an industrial sliding door

diy sliding door{image via}

First off… remember the basement guest bathroom I recently made updates to? Did I mention it doesn’t have a door? Well, it doesn’t. This was one of the first things we wanted to cross off our “house project” list but we came to find out the doorway isn’t a standard size, which meant we’d need to order a custom door, plus a doorknob and the trim to frame it out, and that just didn’t sound too appealing. So months a year and a half passed and the bathroom is still door-less. Not for long though! After coming across this tutorial, I knew a sliding door was the perfect (and cost-effective) alternative, not to mention way cooler than just a standard old door! I already scored a vintage wood door at an antique shop for $17 and picked up the necessary supplies to make it slide-able. Needless to say, this project is already well on its way to being done!

Install board & batten

board and batten{image via}

I had been going over ideas of how I could add more architectural detail to our living/dining room when it dawned on me that board & batten would be an ideal (and not too expensive, from what I’ve read) solution. I already purchased a miter saw and nail gun for this specific project, so now it’s just a matter of getting the wood and paint and setting aside to weekend (or two?) to tackle it. I plan to follow Young House Love’s tutorial. But if I am being perfectly honest here, making the proper cuts for the inside corners of the room have me feeling a bit intimidated, being a saw novice and all…

Install new bathroom counter top, sink & faucet

bathroom vanity{image via}

Recently the faucet (original to the house) in our third floor bathroom started to drip and continued to worsen each day. Instead of just fixing the faucet, we figured it was a good opportunity to replace the sink and counter top as well. Although this was a somewhat un-planned (and unfortunately costly) project, we’re definitely looking forward to the upgrade being that this is bathroom we use most in the house. We placed a custom order at Home Depot and are just waiting for it to come in, so stay tuned for a ‘before + after’ coming soon!

Create an eclectic gallery wall

gallery wall{original image source unknown}

I love the look of gallery walls and have started collecting frames in a means to piece one of my own together, but where to make it happen is the only question! (See more of the ones I’m swooning over here).

Install a [white-washed] pallet wall 

pallet wall{image via}

I’m obsessed with the look of pallet accent walls and the space behind our bed has me thinking it’d be the perfect spot for it. I’ve been ruminating over the idea for quite some time now, however, the daunting task of cutting the wood to fit the angles of this space in our bedroom has me continually putting this project on the back burner… Maybe after the board and batten project I’ll be ready for the undertaking (wishful thinking anyone?).

So there ya have it — the projects I’m hoping to tackle (and complete) before spring. What do you want to accomplish house-wise this winter?

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