DIY industrial sliding door.

diy industrial sliding door

Remember this recent post about the handful of home projects I’d like to tackle this winter? Well now I can say, “one down, four to go!”

This past week the hubs and I installed an industrial sliding door for the bathroom in our basement guest bedroom. I picked up an old wooden door for $17 at a local antique shop (matches great with the walnut-stained desk top in that room) and bought the “sliding” supplies from Home Depot. The said supplies included one plumbing pipe cut to fit and threaded (they can do this for you at the store), two 2″ casters, two 3/4″ floor flanges, two 3/4″ 90-degree street elbows, and two eyelet hooks. The total came in just under $50.

I can’t take credit for coming up with this idea though; I came across it at Fig Milkshakes who found the tutorial over on Crisp Interiors. Instead of listing out step-by-step instructions, I’ll just let you take a look at how it turned out:



diy industrial sliding doorSee the towel rack in the background? Learn how I made it here.

diy industrial sliding doorAnd just in case you’re wondering — the stool is from IKEA (I painted it light yellow and stenciled on numbers) and the bicycle planter was a 50-cent garage sale find.

diy industrial sliding doorBecause of the low clearance above the door on the left side, we used a circular saw to take off about 5″ from the bottom in order for it to fit.

If you like the look of sliding doors but don’t want to pay for spendy barn tracks (like seen here or here), this is a great alternative.

To see the opposite side of this room, go here. To see the bathroom behind the door, head here. I think it’s safe to say this guest room is coming along, slowly but surely!

Is this a project you’d try in your house?

More DIY projects to come… stay tuned!


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  1. Very cool! I get a lot of compliments on our red door, but I actually prefer stained wood – (I’m just too lazy to strip and stain :) Your door turned out great!

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