the great fireplace debate.

To paint or not to paint? That is the question at hand regarding the brown brick fireplace in our basement.

Let me be brief here. I think the fireplace should be painted white (like here or here). The husband, on the other hand, thinks it should stay as is but knows full well that when it comes to interior design projects, his opinion is taken lightly. So in an effort to not jump the gun and whip out my paint brush before I thoroughly think things through here (after all you can’t exactly un-do a project of this nature), I figured I’d ask for YOUR input to get an outsider’s opinion.

brown brick fireplace

brown brick fireplace

So based on the pictures above, what do you think — paint it white or leave it as is?


P.S. Just for the record, I have no intent to ever paint our main floor living room fireplace as I love the charm red brick gives!


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5 responses to “the great fireplace debate.

  1. Tammy Roberts

    I think the white would be to stark. How about an ivory? I really couldn’t discern if the undertones in your furniture and carpet were warm or cool but I would try to match. But my first thought was Ivory as the base with rose gold accents in a faux finish.

  2. My main floor one was 80s red with black and brass and concrete mantle… we were having the same argument. I painted it white, my Dad hacked off the mantle and put up a barn beam one for me. I LOVE IT. Looks so much better. I don’t mind the colour of yours though, from your photos… it’s a lot of work. Brick sucks up the paint big time!

  3. I vote to leave the brick fireplace as is, and change the flooring. It looks like carpet? Get rid of it and put in some travertine, it’ll match the bricks!

  4. Janet marchelletta

    Painting it would update the look of the patterned brick. If you will be changing your decor and wall colors to a more vintage look I would go white or off white. If it will stay as is Ivory would be better. Add a beautiful old vintage piece as a mantle and then go thrifting for some new pieces like a suitcases to add to your decor as a table or just stacking them. Check pinterest as they have wonderful ideas. Good luck. What does your husband care, you do so paint it. Most men like wood, brick, and whatever is already existing. You are the one who cares…..

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