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Happy Monday, friends! I have a few new house projects to share with you soon but in the meantime, here are some products/items I’ve been loving lately (links above).

1 – This lamp from IKEA, categorized as a “work lamp”, has become our new bedside table lighting. I originally bought just one, but liked it so much that I went back and bought another!

2 – I’ll never get sick of these soy wax/essential oil candles from Target and I always stock up when they’re on sale (which they were this past week). The vanilla bean scent is a classic but I’m also loving the pink magnolia one, too!

3 – Plants, plants, plants! I aim to have at least 1-2 plants per room in our house (read about the benefits here), but lately I’ve been particularly drawn to succulents.

4 – With garden season right around the corner, I couldn’t resist buying this cute pair of rain boots from Target. (You know I must really like them if I didn’t even wait for them to go on sale…)

5 – I picked up this face cream on a whim a few weeks back when it was on sale at a co-op in the Twin Cities. First off – can you say cute packaging?! But more importantly, this is the first line of skin care I’ve come across that is USDA certified organic which is pretty flippin’ awesome if you ask me. I’ve really been enjoying it and plan to try other products from the Nourish line in the near future.

6 – I’ve been doing a lot of research on the benefits and uses of various essential oils. Lately I’ve been really into mixing peppermint oil into my lotion in the afternoon for an invigorating ‘pick-me-up’ at work. It’s also great for relieving headaches, nausea, congestion & more. (Read more about peppermint oil here).

7 – The Mineral Fusion nail polish line was something I came across last year at Whole Foods and I’ve since acquired an assortment of colors, including my latest favorite, ‘fossil’, a basic nude that goes with everything. (These polishes are formaldehyde, toulene, camphor and dibutyl pthalate free!)

8 – Containing only a handful of ingredients, the coconut almond Kind bars have been my go-to snack recently (since ditching Clif bars and all).

What products or items have you been loving lately?

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  1. I loooooove the boots! I hate that there is no Target in France… :-(

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