a few “befores”

Happy Friday, all!

I mentioned in a recent post that I’d have some new house projects to showcase fairly soon. Well that changed when I got a little overly ambitious and jumped into a handful of them at once. Because of all the bouncing back and forth between them all, there isn’t one that is fully complete quite yet.

As much as it pains me to not be able to pair a “before” picture with a pretty “after” one, I figure I’d show you some of the “before” ones regardless so you can get an idea of what I’m working on and get ready for some big transformations.

First up is the utility room in our basement…

utility room, before

utility room, before

Thankfully this project is nearing the final stages and I’m happy to report that all of the clutter you see is gone, the floors have a fresh coat of concrete paint, the work bench has been replaced with floor-to-ceiling shelves from IKEA, and the space feels like an extension of our other rooms, as opposed to a dingy furnace room where the dog sleeps.

The second big project I’ve been working on is updating our main floor bathroom (see the upstairs bathroom makeover here, and the basement one here).


That old school laminate countertop is getting a major facelift thanks to this concrete tutorial I found over on the Little Green Notebook blog. This weekend I’ll be sanding down the third layer of concrete and [hopefully] calling it good with a few coats of sealer. Once that’s complete, the next step will be to re-paint the vanity (the cabinets are currently sporting that same distressed finish our kitchen once had), replace the hardware, and eventually get a new sink/faucet (I am loving this one).

Aside from those two undertakings, I’m also in the midst of spring cleaning the house, preparing for a garage sale in May, and working on a piece of wood wall art (inspired by this one).

Sorry this post didn’t contain pics of a start-to-finish project, but hopefully you’ll be seeing some sooner than later!


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