DIY “dream” wall art.

Aside from the “bigger” projects I’ve been working on as I mentioned in my last post, I’ve also intermittently been working on a few smaller-scale projects like what I’m showing you today.  Say hello to my latest piece of DIY wall art!

diy wall artThis project ended up being completely free because I already had the supplies laying around. Don’t you love it when that happens?

diy wall artI’d been on the lookout for some wall art for this space for a while but hadn’t come across anything I really liked or was willing to spend the money on. While rummaging through our workroom a few weeks back, I was reminded of some scrap wood that I had left over from a previous project (this one, to be exact).

First I secured the wood together with a flat brace. I purposely secured them unevenly for a more “worn” look and painted over them with several coats of different colored paint to distress it. (Check out my distress how-to here). From there, I printed out the letters from a Word doc, cut them, and traced them onto the wood. Once I filled in the trace marks with black paint, a little more distressing took place and that was it! Easy peasy huh?

diy wall art

I am thinking of making a smaller one similar for the office that either says “inspire” or “create.”

This is a project anyone can do at home. Even if you don’t already own the supplies, wood is pretty easy to come by for cheap and all you need are some stencils and paint.

Click the links to check out my other DIY signs — Fresh Eggs, Garden Tour, Market.



P.S. The main floor bathroom project is complete… I just didn’t get around to taking pictures over the weekend. Stay tuned for an update within the week and head to my Instagram for a sneak peek!


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