latest book buys.


I’ve been on a book binge lately. As in, I buy a book with the intention of reading it right away but somehow buy another before I even opened the one before that. Nonetheless, I am determined to read the last five I picked up before I buy any others and suppress my urge to have a “library room” like this

1) Eat Pretty — I’m convinced that what we put into our bodies has a definite effect on our overall appearance and well-being — skin, hair, nails, weight, etc. This book emphasizes just that and unveils the “beauty-boosting benefits” of various foods and also points out the ones that are inhibiting us from looking/feeling our best. In addition, Eat Pretty offers a handful of recipes and explores stress management, hormonal balance, and mindful living.  As if the content weren’t intriguing enough, can we talk about how cute that cover is?!

2) Folks, This Ain’t Normal — This particular book was selected as the April read for the healthy living book club I am a part of. Needless to say, I’m running a bit behind… whoops.  The book is based on the notion that farming (and our day-to-day living) is no longer simplistic and sustainable as it once was. The author talks about the importance of foods that are wholesome, seasonal, raised naturally, and procured locally. This is the kind of book that will leave a reader re-examining not only their diet, but how they spend their free time (i.e. electronics versus quality time with loved ones).

3) Clean — As if you haven’t already picked up on my love for books that focus on healthy living, this is yet another one that falls in that boat. Author Alejandro Junger talks about the solutions to the common ailments many Americans face today that come as a direct result of the toxic build-up in our bodies. Sounds interesting, right?

4) The Antelope in the Living Room — Now for a non-health-related book! I picked this one up after coming across a few positive reviews from blogs I peruse on the regular. Melanie (author) tells a light-hearted, honest story about the ups and downs of marriage from a personal stance. I’m only a few pages in but can tell it’s going to be a humorous and worth-while read!

5) The ‘Oh She Glows’ Cookbook — Okay, so this isn’t exactly a book that requires a whole lot of “reading” per say, yet I would still like to make a point to flip through every page and take note of the recipes I’d like to make in the near future. Angela, the author and blogger over at Oh She Glows, boasts a bounty of gluten-free, vegan recipes that will make you glow from the inside out. It doesn’t hurt that her pictures are amazing!

What books have you been reading (or meaning to) lately? Have you read any of the five that I mentioned?

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