trunk makeover.

Hello! I’m back today with a new DIY/makeover post!

You might remember seeing my Facebook post about this trunk a while back. Here’s the full story… After realizing that the coffee table/storage ottoman we were using in our basement living area (this one, to be exact) was too large and didn’t really fit the style I was am trying to achieve in that room, I decided to hunt for a replacement.

I knew I wanted a piece that would still offer storage but not be as bulky… or brown. I figured, what better than an old trunk! I came across a few selections at local antique stores but they were priced at more than I was willing to spend ($200+), so I opted to go with a cheaper option that I found at Dwell for $60. But it needed some love…


trunk before

The previous owner of this trunk slapped on some red and –gasp– painted over the top hardware. With some sand paper, paint & elbow grease, I was able to give it a new look…


trunk makeovertrunk makeover

trunk makeover

trunk makeover

trunk makeover

Luckily, I was able to sand off most of the red paint from the hardware. The remaining part of the project involved spackling the cuts on the top (as seen in the ‘before’ pic) and simply giving the trunk two coats of white paint (w/ primer). I have yet to add polyurethane to the top and line the inside with contact paper, but I’d say it’s made quite the improvement from its former look! What do you think?

See my other “trunk transformation” HERE.

More posts coming at you soon! Until next time…

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