closet clean-out & DIY shoe shelves.

Is anyone else in spring-cleaning mode? In the last month or so I’ve been on a mission to tackle a lot of the projects I’ve been putting off far too long,  primarily the ones that are easy to ignore because guests of the house don’t see them, i.e. behind closet doors, cabinets, etc.

I realized I’ve done quite a few “big” projects and room makeovers around the house, so it was finally time I start tackling the smaller, not-so-fun guys. Exhibit A: our front coat closet.

coat closet beforeThe only thing this coat closet had going for it was the matching wooden hangers (thanks, IKEA), but it lacked organization and functionality. The walls were still sporting the sponge paint from when we moved in (see more of that repulsive paint here or here), shoes were always falling off the rack, the hanging shoe organizer was dirty and falling apart, and the shelf in the closet was too high for there to be a large enough clearance to get anything on top of it without spending five minutes shimmying it up there.

coat closet makeover

The first thing I did was take absolutely everything out and gave the close a fresh coat of paint to match the predominant color that we used throughout the house.

From there I re-installed the upper shelf and coat rod, but hung it slightly lower so that there would be a larger clearance to easily fit bins up top.

DIY shoe shelves

After seeing this awesome closet makeover, I decided the best way to house all of our shoes was to make built-in shelves.  This was super easy and something I would recommend for anyone with a similar closet layout. I bought two long boards at Lowe’s, had them cut to the size I needed, and gave them a few coats of paint. While the shelves hold quite a few shoes, there still wasn’t room for all my flats (what can I say, I have a thing for shoes!), so I purchased a new shoe hanger to store the ones that didn’t fit on the built-ins.

DIY chalkboard labels

Lastly, I made chalkboard labels for the up-top storage bins to store out-of-season shoes and winter apparel. To make the labels, I taped off a section on wood planks from the craft store and painted them with chalkboard paint. I then hot glued them to these plastic crates I had bought on clearance at Target.

coat closet makeover

The one thing I have yet to do for this space is to install a row of hooks (something like this) along the left inside wall to hang things like backpacks, purses and umbrellas. I like packing as much storage and organization capability into a space as possible because a) it only makes keeping the house tidy easier, and b) it helps the home’s resale value.

What do you think of the transformation? Is this a project you’d consider tackling in your own home? I’m not going to lie… this particular closet clean-out now has me wanting to do a revamp of all the closets in the house…

Stay tuned for more spring cleaning and DIY projects!

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