DIY walk-in closet.

closet makeover in at home magazine

Hey everyone! Today I’m talking about one of our recent home projects that was featured in this month’s issue of At Home Magazine: the making of a walk-in closet in our home’s master bedroom!

closet makeover snapshot

Let’s start from the beginning…

The master bedroom in our home is fairly large. A dream for most homeowners, right? Well, that’s not always the case. For us, the issue was that the room being so large presented a lot of unused space yet didn’t solve our need for a larger closet. (Check out this old blog post to get an idea of the space).

closet before

For the three (almost four) years we’ve been living in our house,  I used the small-ish closet in the master (pictured above) combined with a dresser placed in a different part of the room, while my husband used the closet in the guest room across the hall to store his clothes. But with a baby on the way who would be taking over that closet, I knew we needed to address the situation sooner rather than later. The first option was for me to heavily pare down my wardrobe to make room for the hubby’s clothes. (What fun is that?!) Instead, I had a better idea…

closet before

What if we demolished the current closet, built a wall to close off that part of the room, and ultimately created a full blown WALK-IN  closet? My husband thought I was crazy and pointed out that by building a wall we’d be blocking a window in the room. My solution? Simply have the opening be directly in front of the window and use a door that had a glass pane on top to let light shine through. He couldn’t argue with that and started coming around to the idea. And thus the project began…!

closet makeover steps

The first step was to demo the existing closet, rip up the carpet, and start with a clean slate of space.

The second step was to build the frame for the closet followed by hanging drywall. To save money, we tackled all the above DIY style and enlisted the help of a fellow DIY-savvy friend. (Thanks, Ryan!)

closet makeover progress

From there, we hired a few professionals to do the mudding, taping, (this included scraping and refinishing the ugly cracked popcorn ceiling) as well as installing electrical (two LED ceiling lights + a dimmer switch). These weren’t costs we anticipated at the start of the project, but they were well worth the investment in the end.

damaged floors

After that, it was back to DIY. We took on the painting, trim install, laminate floor install (the plan was to keep the original wood flooring we found underneath the carpet but it was damaged beyond repair — see photo above), closet system configuration and install, and finally the door install.

sliding closet door

sliding closet door

The door was an original storm door on my grandpa’s house that had been used as yard décor in my mom’s garden. She was generous enough to give it to us knowing it was just what we were after. We gave it a good cleaning, cut it to size, painted it, and hung it on sliding door tracks that we bought off of Amazon — luckily these are much cheaper now than they were a year or two ago! (Psst — you can see the other DIY sliding door in our house here.)

closet after

closet after

closet after

The last part of the project came down to organizing and accessorizing. To make things orderly and easy-to-find, I opted for a variety of bins and baskets rounded up from around the house, DIY chalkboard labels and matching no-slip hangers that were on sale at Costco ($8 for a 35 pack!) Adding a rug, floor mirror and an assortment of décor items I already had on hand completed the project.

closet after

closet after

closet after

closet after

The bedroom is now better suited for our needs and we have more closet space than we know what to do with!

Side note: Shortly after we wrapped up this project, I saw interior designer Tera Janelle had completed an almost identical walk-in closet project for one of her clients. It’s crazy how similar it is! Check it out here.


  • Laminate floor: Home Depot
  • Closet system: Easy Closets
  • 8-cube cubby organizer: Target
  • 2-drawer stackable floor organizer: garage sale find + added wheels (find it at Menard’s)
  • Baskets + bins: from Target, Home Goods, garage sales
  • Closet door: vintage, gifted
  • Sliding door hardware: Amazon
  • Paint color: Herringbone by Valspar
  • Mirror: Home Goods
  • Black non-slip hangers: Costco
  • Shag rug: Target
  • 2-bag laundry sorter: Amazon
  • ‘Oh la la’ wall art: Hobby Lobby
  • Necklace holder: garage sale

Check back soon for my next post featuring how this closet project changed the layout of the rest our bedroom!

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