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DIY industrial sliding door.

diy industrial sliding door

Remember this recent post about the handful of home projects I’d like to tackle this winter? Well now I can say, “one down, four to go!”

This past week the hubs and I installed an industrial sliding door for the bathroom in our basement guest bedroom. I picked up an old wooden door for $17 at a local antique shop (matches great with the walnut-stained desk top in that room) and bought the “sliding” supplies from Home Depot. The said supplies included one plumbing pipe cut to fit and threaded (they can do this for you at the store), two 2″ casters, two 3/4″ floor flanges, two 3/4″ 90-degree street elbows, and two eyelet hooks. The total came in just under $50.

I can’t take credit for coming up with this idea though; I came across it at Fig Milkshakes who found the tutorial over on Crisp Interiors. Instead of listing out step-by-step instructions, I’ll just let you take a look at how it turned out:



diy industrial sliding doorSee the towel rack in the background? Learn how I made it here.

diy industrial sliding doorAnd just in case you’re wondering — the stool is from IKEA (I painted it light yellow and stenciled on numbers) and the bicycle planter was a 50-cent garage sale find.

diy industrial sliding doorBecause of the low clearance above the door on the left side, we used a circular saw to take off about 5″ from the bottom in order for it to fit.

If you like the look of sliding doors but don’t want to pay for spendy barn tracks (like seen here or here), this is a great alternative.

To see the opposite side of this room, go here. To see the bathroom behind the door, head here. I think it’s safe to say this guest room is coming along, slowly but surely!

Is this a project you’d try in your house?

More DIY projects to come… stay tuned!


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project planning.

With the new year approaching (and the dismal reminder that there are still a handful of months of being cooped up inside), I’m dreaming of all the house projects I’d like to complete before winter’s end.

Rather than wait to post each project once I’ve finished it, I decided to post what I’m hoping I plan to accomplish in a means to 1) give you guys a heads up for what’s to come on good ol’ SimplyChic, and 2)  hold myself accountable for actually seeing the projects through.

So without further ado, here are some of my planned DIY projects for the winter months:

Install an industrial sliding door

diy sliding door{image via}

First off… remember the basement guest bathroom I recently made updates to? Did I mention it doesn’t have a door? Well, it doesn’t. This was one of the first things we wanted to cross off our “house project” list but we came to find out the doorway isn’t a standard size, which meant we’d need to order a custom door, plus a doorknob and the trim to frame it out, and that just didn’t sound too appealing. So months a year and a half passed and the bathroom is still door-less. Not for long though! After coming across this tutorial, I knew a sliding door was the perfect (and cost-effective) alternative, not to mention way cooler than just a standard old door! I already scored a vintage wood door at an antique shop for $17 and picked up the necessary supplies to make it slide-able. Needless to say, this project is already well on its way to being done!

Install board & batten

board and batten{image via}

I had been going over ideas of how I could add more architectural detail to our living/dining room when it dawned on me that board & batten would be an ideal (and not too expensive, from what I’ve read) solution. I already purchased a miter saw and nail gun for this specific project, so now it’s just a matter of getting the wood and paint and setting aside to weekend (or two?) to tackle it. I plan to follow Young House Love’s tutorial. But if I am being perfectly honest here, making the proper cuts for the inside corners of the room have me feeling a bit intimidated, being a saw novice and all…

Install new bathroom counter top, sink & faucet

bathroom vanity{image via}

Recently the faucet (original to the house) in our third floor bathroom started to drip and continued to worsen each day. Instead of just fixing the faucet, we figured it was a good opportunity to replace the sink and counter top as well. Although this was a somewhat un-planned (and unfortunately costly) project, we’re definitely looking forward to the upgrade being that this is bathroom we use most in the house. We placed a custom order at Home Depot and are just waiting for it to come in, so stay tuned for a ‘before + after’ coming soon!

Create an eclectic gallery wall

gallery wall{original image source unknown}

I love the look of gallery walls and have started collecting frames in a means to piece one of my own together, but where to make it happen is the only question! (See more of the ones I’m swooning over here).

Install a [white-washed] pallet wall 

pallet wall{image via}

I’m obsessed with the look of pallet accent walls and the space behind our bed has me thinking it’d be the perfect spot for it. I’ve been ruminating over the idea for quite some time now, however, the daunting task of cutting the wood to fit the angles of this space in our bedroom has me continually putting this project on the back burner… Maybe after the board and batten project I’ll be ready for the undertaking (wishful thinking anyone?).

So there ya have it — the projects I’m hoping to tackle (and complete) before spring. What do you want to accomplish house-wise this winter?

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fresh signage.

Hello! Being that it’s been a while since I’ve done any posting, I figured I’d show you one of the latest DIY projects I recently completed.

After I made this sign for my mom’s birthday last month, I was inspired to make a similar one for my home as well. In honor of our chickens, I opted to make it say, “fresh eggs.” Kinda corny but fitting :)

farm inspired sign

Once it was finished, it made its way into the kitchen in the nook above the fridge.

DIY fresh eggs sign

These signs are super easy and cost-effective to make. All you need is a piece of wood, paint, stencils, sandpaper and of course, a bit of time. If you’re looking for a last-minute (and one of a kind) Christmas gift to give, this is definitely a project to consider! You can check out the other two signs I’ve made here and here.

In the midst of making the sign I ended up getting a little stencil-crazy and stenciled some numbers onto our step stool…

numbered step stool

What DIY projects have you been working on lately?


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checkin’ in.

xmasimage via

Hey guys, remember me? It’s Jeanette. Oh, come on! You know, the one who blogs for a week or two and then falls off the planet, then intermittently blogs again only to be heard from when she feels like making a new post? Okay, so you do remember! Glad I was able to jog your memory.

So as always, I’m still here, but just not making a very strong presence in the blogosphere lately. It’s not that I don’t have the time… I simply choose to spend it elsewhere. Which is not to say I don’t have about a million (okay more like a solid 10) things I’d like to post about, because I do. I just hate carving out the time to sit in front of the computer and actually do it. But then sure enough it doesn’t take long for me to get the urge to jump back on the blogging band wagon, only to get off it shortly thereafter. Old habits die hard, eh? I’ve just come to accept that that’s my blogging style so if you’re looking for consistency of posts here, you’re probably not going to find it. Hopefully that won’t stop you from checking back every now and then though!

Getting off the topic of my sporadic blogging habits, I can assure you that some sweet DIY projects will be making their way to SimplyChic after the holidays have come and gone. I bought myself a miter saw and nail gun, so if that doesn’t tell you I have some projects up my sleeve, I don’t know what will.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and you’ll be hearing from me soon sometime within the next month.

P.S. Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and now Instagram, too!

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outdated vanity turned updated work space.

You know the updates I made to the guest bedroom bathroom? Well I was also working on another project in the guest bedroom – the vanity area! I initially planned on just updating the light fixture and framing out the mirror, but then a different idea popped into my head which in turn  gave this space a whole new life. (click to enlarge images) Check it out:

beforeMLS listing pic from previous homeowners.

Looks a bit different, huh? Before I show more details of the after photo, take a look at a few of the steps it took to get there:

beforeThe first step was taking down the outdated light fixture and replacing it with something more fitting for the space.

beforeI’d had my eye on the this outdoor lantern from Lowe’s which didn’t work in the upstairs bathroom nor the guest bathroom like I hoped, so it found a home here instead. Behind the mirror and old light I discovered the atrocious lime green that the room had once been – yikes. And upon removing the mirror that was glued to the wall (why?!), I also managed to take off chunks of drywall. Wah, wah, wah…

progress picTo deal with the peeled off drywall, I spackled on drywall compound over the areas that needed it, sanded to make the wall smooth, and primed before painting on two coats of chalkboard paint. I was planning on having the project be finished at this point but I felt like something was missing. I wanted the space to have a more charming rustic feel and that’s when I realized it was the laminate counter top that was throwing me off.

DIY distressed wood deskI loved the look of the dark wood shelves in Remodelaholic’s updated office space which gave me the idea to cover the laminate. I spent about $10 on pine wood planks at Home Depot (I had them cut it to the size I needed in the store since I don’t own a saw) and another $6 on a small can of stain. After staining the wood in dark walnut, I hit it with a chain and hammer to create distress marks. Then it was just a matter of sliding the planks into place! (The two end pieces are nailed together and the rest is being held in place by tension so it can easily be removed if need be).

A little accessorizing and here’s the finished space:

rustic work space

rustic office space

desk accessories

desk accessoriesI couldn’t resist adding some fun desk accessories!

window pane with chicken wireI smashed out the glass on this old window pane and stapled chicken wire onto the back to make it a place to hang photos, reminders, etc.

chippy chair with ampersand pillow

rustic work space

Item source list:

  • Light fixture – Lowe’s, $29.98
  • Wood + stain – Home Depot, approx. $16
  • Antique window – Northwest Architectural Salvage in St. Paul, $10
  • Magazine rack – Home Goods, $19.99
  • Chair – gifted ($1 garage sale find from mom)
  • Vintage globe – gifted (from my grandpa’s house)
  • Ampersand pillow – HOM Furniture
  • Fake plant + pot – IKEA, $4.99 & $1.99
  • “C” coffee cup – Home Goods, $3 (on clearance)
  • Tree bark pencils – Home Goods, $4.99
  • Notebook – Home Goods, $6.99
  • Vintage pencil sharpener – Savers, $3.99
  • Brass owl – Savers, $2.99

I figure if I ever want to return the space to its original usage, I could easily add a new mirror and paint over the chalkboard paint if need be. What do you think of the transformation? Do you like the space better as a desk or would you have left it a vanity?

Have a great weekend!



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guest bathroom reveal.

I am finally finished with the guest bathroom makeover (for now, that is)! You’ll have to excuse the poor image quality — there is no natural light in that room so there are a lot of shadows and the photos aren’t quite true to color. And oh yeah, my camera sucks in general (workin’ on that). Nonetheless, I think you’ll get the gist.

Like I said before, I prefer to say “before & now” instead of before/after because there really is no official “after” if you’re constantly changing things like I am.

For now, here are the current changes + improvements: (click to enlarge images)





bathroom updates

bathroom vanity hardware


bathroom styling





Item source list:

  • Paint color – ‘Dried Plantain’ by Behr
  • Light fixture – Menards, clearance
  • Hardware – Hobby Lobby, on sale
  • Soap dispenser – Target
  • Jute rug – Home Goods
  • Shower curtain – Target, clearance
  • Fake plant – IKEA
  • Vintage mirror (actually a tray) – Savers
  • Clock – wedding gift, from Target
  • Pitcher – Salvation Army
  • Mason jars – gifted
  • Apothecary jar – garage sale
  • Towel rack – DIY
  • Galvanized tub – garage sale
  • Wire side table – Home Goods

What do you think? (You can also see the updates I made to our third floor bathroom here and here).

***UPDATE! See how I added faux board and batten hook wall in this room HERE.

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DIY old fashioned garden sign.

My mom’s birthday is right around the corner and I personally think homemade gifts are the best — not only are they much more meaningful, they also tend to be cheaper than buying something from a big box store.

A while back my mom mentioned that she really liked the DIY market sign I made over the summer and wanted something similar for her garden. When I came across an old weathered piece of wood at an estate sale a few months back, I knew just what to do with it. The person running the sale gave it to me for free thinking it was garbage (hey, someone’s trash is someone else’s treasure!).

garden tour sign

garden tour sign Since the wood was already very weathered (water stains and all), I didn’t have to do much distressing; just a bit of sanding. I used my 4″ stencils from Hobby Lobby to trace on my design with pencil and then filled it in with paint using a small detail brush. Once it was fully dry, I went over the wood with a belt sander to take off some of the paint and make the design appear just as old as the wood.

garden tour sign

Since the wood was free and I already had the stencils + paint on hand, this project didn’t cost me a dime, just a bit of my time! And now my mom has a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork for her garden. Chic AND cheap — my kinda gift! Happy birthday, mom!



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DIY distressed towel (or coat) rack.

DIY distressed towel rack

I intended to show you the guest bathroom makeover reveal earlier this week, however, it’s been put on hold until the hardware for the vanity (currently on backorder) comes in. In the meantime, I decided I’d show you this DIY distressed towel rack I made for the space. Check out the simple step-by-step:

step 1Start with piece of wood cut to desired size.

step 2Paint wood with first layering color of choice.

step 3Paint wood with second layering color of choice.

step 4Paint wood with top coat color of choice.

step 5Distress wood using hammer, chain, etc. followed by sanding to expose layers of paint.

step 6Add hooks.

Screw it to the wall (using a level for accuracy) and admire your handy work!

DIY distressed towel rack

DIY rustic towel rack

You can add as many layers of paint as you want, however, I personally prefer to stick to no more than three. I used a glossy paint as my final coat but I would recommend a matte or eggshell finish to make the distressed look appear more authentic. The hooks I used were from Hobby Lobby (50% off at the time) so the whole project only cost me $6 since I already had the wood and paint. I think this guy would also be a fun hook option.

Have you distressed anything lately or come across a cool DIY worth trying out?


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DIY grain sack-inspired pillow.

diy grain sack pillow

I love the look of striped grain sack pillows but I’m not a fan of the price tag (reference below), not to mention most of them are just sold as covers so the pillow itself would be an additional cost.

grainsack pillows

1. Etsy, $40 // 2. Pottery Barn, $39.50 // 3. West Elm, $69 // 4. Restoration Hardware, $59

This weekend I managed to make my own using a plain pillow I already had lying around plus some Scotch tape and a bit of red paint from a previous project. It was so easy that there isn’t even a tutorial worth showing; all I did was use the tape to create lines to the thickness I wanted and painted in between the tape. If you don’t have a cream or white pillow lying around like I did, IKEA sells covers for as little as $3 and cushions starting at $4.

Check out the before + after:
before and after

grain sack pillow

This is definitely an easy and affordable DIY and will only take about 20 minutes of your time. If you’re not necessarily a big fan of the stripe look, using stencils to trace a word or an ampersand symbol would also be a fun option! Is this a DIY project you’d consider tackling?


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crave vs save.

HAPPY FRIDAY! You guys know I love changing and improving rooms to reflect my constantly evolving taste and style which has the potential to get pretty expensive. However, between DIY projects, shopping second-hand and scouring for the best deals, it’s actually very manageable! Below is a prime example of how shopping around and price comparing can save you hundreds. Like I always say, high style doesn’t have to come with a high price tag!

crave vs save



table lamp



Let me know if you’d like to see more ‘crave vs save’ posts! Have a great weekend!


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