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friday favorites: media.

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Happy Friday! Any fun plans for the weekend? If you happen to have some free time, I highly recommend reading/watching one or two of the following (aka a few of my favorite media items as of late)…

Article: 22 Things Happy People Do Differently // a wonderful article pin-pointing 22 simple things that are characterized by ‘happy people.’

Book: Gone Girl // a hard-to-put-down suspense that comes with a real curveball and will keep you at the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Movie: Side Effects // similar to ‘Gone Girl’, this movie is chock-full of suspense and delivers a twist that slowly but surely gives way to a rather shocking ending. (currently in theaters)

Documentary: Food Matters // an eye-opening documentary on the power of whole foods for treating chronic illnesses rather than the [harmful] pharmaceutical drugs that our society seems to rely all too heavily on.

Blog: A Beautiful Mess //a quirky blog featuring a fun and eclectic mix of DIY, beauty, fashion, home decor, recipes & more.

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