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fire pit makeover + other DIY outdoor projects.

It’s been since March since I last posted?! How did that happen? I gotta hand it to all those bloggers out there who are able to carve out the time to make multiple posts each week, or just once/week for that matter. I certainly am not one of them — (read more about that here). But to that note — I do make a point to update my Facebook and Instagram relatively frequently, so if you want any “Simply Chic” updates, I encourage you to follow me there!

Anyway, with fall on its way, I figured I’d better take the time to highlight a few of my outdoor projects from the summer before snow is falling and they’re a distant memory.

before and after fire pit

First up is the outdoor fire pit! This wasn’t really a planned project, I just got impulsive one day and decided it needed a makeover. The fire pit was so rusted that ashes would fall out of the bottom and the cinder blocks surrounding the pit were noticeably uneven.

firepit before

I decided to start from scratch so I tossed the fire pit and removed all the rock and cinder blocks. (This was no easy feat!)

fire pit makeover progress

After I removed the pit, rocks and cinder blocks, I decided to widen out the area surrounding the pit to make it slightly larger.

DIY fire pit - after

I purchased a galvanized fire ring from Menards (I figure this won’t be as susceptible to rust like the one we had before) along with some pea gravel and used larger rocks found in the gardens around my yard to create the new fire pit. A few hours later and ta-dah — we had a new outdoor fire pit! All in all, the project only costed me the fire ring and a few bags of pea gravel, bringing the total cost to right around $50.

What do you think of the transformation?


So while I’m here, let me show you a few snap shots of other projects I tackled this summer:


While I was at Menards getting the needed supplies for the fire pit makeover, I spotted this arbor that was on sale plus had a $40 mail-in rebate. I’d been wanting to get an arbor for the side of the house for quite some time, but all of them seemed to be around $200 which I wasn’t willing to spend. With the sale and rebate, this particular one came to only $50, so I pulled the trigger!

I had acquired some flagstone rocks that I used to start a pathway that will eventually go along the whole side of the house. I also plan to grow a clematis up the side of the arbor. One step at a time!

nautical wreath

Not too long ago I bought a pretty beaten-up wooden ship wheel from Goodwill for about $3 that had a bunch of corny beach-themed stuff hot glued onto it — something like this — but worse. I knew it could become something cool so I snatched it up. I pulled off all the attachments, sanded it down and spray painted it. Lastly, I wrapped some twine around the outer part and viola — a nautical summer door wreath!

DIY outdoor patio lights

If you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen that I’d been talking about wanting to string patio lights on my deck. The only issue was I couldn’t figure how I was going to attach them to the side of the deck where the railing only goes a few feet up. I searched my Pinterest board and found this tutorial that gave me the idea of simply attaching long wooden lattice pieces to the side of deck and adding a some eye hooks to string the lights through. (You could put the wooden poles into the centers of planters like they did in the tutorial, but I didn’t want to clutter my already-narrow deck so I opted to screw them into the deck rail). So with the two boxes of string lights I got on sale at Target plus the wood pieces and eye hooks, this project came in at right around $25.

You can view a few of the other changes we’ve made to the deck HERE. Next up is a new coat of deck stain or paint (the one we went with last year had been peeling off, ergh) and possibly DIY built-in pallet seating in place of the dining set. Check out this example!

adding garage door hardware

Last but not least, I purchased a garage door hardware kit from Home Depot to add a little somethin’-somethin’ to the look of our garage. For a mere $19 plus 15 minutes of my time, this gave the garage door a major upgrade and custom feel. This is a great solution for any one looking for cheap + easy ways to enhance their curb appeal!

So there you have it — a roundup of some of the main outdoor projects I tackled this summer! Would you consider adding any of these projects to your to-do list next year? I’d love to know!

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