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basement living room before + after.

Hi friends! I thought I’d take this lazy Sunday to show you a room makeover, as well as a mini gallery wall project I finished a few months back, which you saw a sneak peek over on my Facebook last week.

But let me give you a bit of background on this room first…

When we moved into our house, the basement was considered “finished,” but you’d never guess it by looking at the cold cement floors (covered with accent rugs), stark white walls and the surplus of cobwebs, not to mention all of previous home owners’ furniture and decor that wasn’t living up to the room’s potential.

Within the first week of moving in, we did a cleaning overhaul, threw some some color up on one of the walls for a pop, and had carpet installed from Lowe’s. The next phase was finding furniture that best fit the space (there’s already been some changes, including the coffee table switch-out which you saw here, and a chair swap which you’ll see below), and my favorite — adding in decor!

So are you ready to see how this space has transformed? Take a look!

BEFORE (MLS listing) PICS:

basement3 basement2  basement1basement4


029002  024 026

Above shows what the room looked like a few months after we moved in. It was definitely an improvement from the ‘before’ state, but it still didn’t have that “finished” feeling and I soon realized a few of my furnishing choices (i.e. bulky coffee table and swivel tub chair) weren’t helping any. Fast-forward to today…



You already saw ^this picture^ from the trunk makeover post, but I went ahead and took some of the other sides of the room so you could see the full monty.


basement bar


^cafe curtains disguise the electronic storage area and the ‘LOVE’ wall art conceals the electric panel.

reading nook

^need an ottoman? turn a wicker basket or wooden crate upside down and add a pillow!

The main goal for this space was to make it a hang out area which people actually want to hang out in, unlike before. This was achieved by giving warmth to the room with a simple carpet install, adding floor-length curtains (despite the small windows), making it feel homey with the right use of furniture and decor, and of course — adding in the “fun” hang-out features, i.e. a bar, mounted TV and surround sound.

As you probably could’ve guessed, I’m not calling this room “complete” by any means because there will always be an impending project just waiting to happen… Some ideas include painting the cabinetry below the TV, giving the countertop some sort of treatment (cement, perhaps?), and/or changing the accent wall to a new color. I’ll keep you posted!

Check back again soon!

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trunk makeover.

Hello! I’m back today with a new DIY/makeover post!

You might remember seeing my Facebook post about this trunk a while back. Here’s the full story… After realizing that the coffee table/storage ottoman we were using in our basement living area (this one, to be exact) was too large and didn’t really fit the style I was am trying to achieve in that room, I decided to hunt for a replacement.

I knew I wanted a piece that would still offer storage but not be as bulky… or brown. I figured, what better than an old trunk! I came across a few selections at local antique stores but they were priced at more than I was willing to spend ($200+), so I opted to go with a cheaper option that I found at Dwell for $60. But it needed some love…


trunk before

The previous owner of this trunk slapped on some red and –gasp– painted over the top hardware. With some sand paper, paint & elbow grease, I was able to give it a new look…


trunk makeovertrunk makeover

trunk makeover

trunk makeover

trunk makeover

Luckily, I was able to sand off most of the red paint from the hardware. The remaining part of the project involved spackling the cuts on the top (as seen in the ‘before’ pic) and simply giving the trunk two coats of white paint (w/ primer). I have yet to add polyurethane to the top and line the inside with contact paper, but I’d say it’s made quite the improvement from its former look! What do you think?

See my other “trunk transformation” HERE.

More posts coming at you soon! Until next time…

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