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bathroom makeover + DIY concrete counters

Happy Monday!

I’m finally getting around to showing you the before + after pics of my main floor bathroom makeover which included DIY concrete countertops! I also revamped the vanity by giving it a fresh coat of paint and new hardware. (Note: prior to this project, I painted the walls and changed out the mirror but don’t have any before/after pics of that).

Let’s get to the details, shall we?!

bathroom before and after


As you can see in this before pic, the countertop was a 60s-era laminate that was not only unattractive, but was starting to chip away in some spots (mainly behind the sink). Rather than spend a few hundred bucks to replace the countertop (we already recently did that in our upstairs bathroom, seen here), I had a much cheaper alternative in mind. I’d been seeing a few tutorials for concrete countertops floating around on Pinterest, namely this one and this one, which turned out to be the perfect solution since I could just apply the cement right over the current countertop.

concrete countertopsA bag of cement, a container of sealer, plus a few weeks worth of time and here we are!

(If you want a detailed step-by-step tutorial, reference the two links above). One thing I will point out, however, is that once you’re done with applying and sanding the cement, the instructions on the sealer say to not use the sealer on cement that is less than 7 days old in order for the cement to fully cure. This is something that wasn’t mentioned in any of the tutorials I looked at but I think it’s important to note for the sake of knowing exactly how long this project will take you from start to finish. For me it was two weeks — applying and sanding three coats of cement to the counters over the course of one week and waiting an additional week to seal.

concrete countertops

You guys know from reading my kitchen cabinet makeover post that I am not a huge fan of distressed cabinets because it can be hard to differentiate paint from dirt/grime. The same distressed finish that was in our kitchen was also on these cabinets (wah, wah, wah). I gave them a good sanding followed by one coat of bonding primer and one coat of paint in ‘coffee white’ by Valspar. The window trim was also sporting the distressed finish (not really visible in the photos), so that got a few coats of new paint, too. The room feels so much brighter and cleaner now!

bathroom vanity makeoverI also replaced the hardware on the vanity using some knobs & pulls that a friend of mine salvaged from when she remodeled her 1920s kitchen. It was a bonus that they happened to match the mirror frame perfectly! And while we’re not sure, we think they could be original to her house, making them antiques — bonus!

before and after

Shortly after I started this project I was super excited to see that DIY-pros John and Sherry from the infamous Young House Love blog were also working on adding concrete counters to their house. You can see their in-depth tutorial here!

diy concrete counters

diy concrete countertops

The counters clearly show the trowel marks and various spots created by air bubbles and sanding. While this look may not be for a lot of people, I love the uniqueness of it — no two concrete counters are ever alike!

diy concrete countertops

window wall art

To go along with the new “industrial” feel that the concrete countertops gave this space, I hung up one of my antique windows that had previously been in the office.

bathroom makeover

Overall, I’m really happy with how the counters turned out. Now it will just be a matter of seeing how well they wear over time.

As for the room as a whole, I’d still like to get a new sink + faucet, and possibly opt for a different light fixture (similar to the one in the basement guest bedroom), but for now I’m calling this space good!

Want more before + afters? See our basement bathroom makeover here and our upstairs one here.

What do you think — could you see concrete counters being a fit for somewhere in your house?

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bathroom facelift, round 2.

Last year you guys saw our upstairs bathroom facelift here where we made a handful of basic updates, i.e. paint, new storage cabinet, accessories and framing out the mirror. Well a few months back we finished what I’m calling “round 2” of the bathroom facelift which involved installing a new counter top, sink, & faucet, and I also added a new toilet paper holder, a new towel ring and I gave the vanity a fresh coat of white paint. Oh, and I ended up moving the bird shower curtain from the basement guest bathroom to this one.

sink before

sink after

bathroom makeover

bathroom vanityThe vanity got a fresh coat of paint and a new toilet paper holder. I kept the original glass knobs for their charm.



bathroom before and afterView from the hallway. Previous homeowner pic compared to the bathroom today.

before and afterIn the after: mirror is framed out, new counter top + sink + faucet, & replaced the towel bar with a towel ring.

I would love to replace the light fixture and I’m considering painting the back-splash tile white, so don’t be surprised if you see “round 3” of updates for this room… but that’s all for now!


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guest bathroom reveal.

I am finally finished with the guest bathroom makeover (for now, that is)! You’ll have to excuse the poor image quality — there is no natural light in that room so there are a lot of shadows and the photos aren’t quite true to color. And oh yeah, my camera sucks in general (workin’ on that). Nonetheless, I think you’ll get the gist.

Like I said before, I prefer to say “before & now” instead of before/after because there really is no official “after” if you’re constantly changing things like I am.

For now, here are the current changes + improvements: (click to enlarge images)





bathroom updates

bathroom vanity hardware


bathroom styling





Item source list:

  • Paint color – ‘Dried Plantain’ by Behr
  • Light fixture – Menards, clearance
  • Hardware – Hobby Lobby, on sale
  • Soap dispenser – Target
  • Jute rug – Home Goods
  • Shower curtain – Target, clearance
  • Fake plant – IKEA
  • Vintage mirror (actually a tray) – Savers
  • Clock – wedding gift, from Target
  • Pitcher – Salvation Army
  • Mason jars – gifted
  • Apothecary jar – garage sale
  • Towel rack – DIY
  • Galvanized tub – garage sale
  • Wire side table – Home Goods

What do you think? (You can also see the updates I made to our third floor bathroom here and here).

***UPDATE! See how I added faux board and batten hook wall in this room HERE.

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guest bathroom makeover: setting the tone.

Earlier this week I asked on the blog and on Facebook for your opinion on what paint color you think would be best in the guest bathroom I am making over. Most people seemed to be in favor of ‘clothesline fresh.’ Contrary to popular vote, I’ve decided to go with ‘dried plantain’  after a week of deliberating and looking at the swatches in different lighting. Like I mentioned previously, I think the pale yellow will be a nice complement to the black & white tile which will result in the quaint, “cottage-y” look I’m after.

Before I get to painting and updating a variety of other elements, here’s what I’m starting out with:

bathroom before
And here’s what I’ve got in mind for the makeover:

mood board(click image to enlarge)

The light yellow walls will be the perfect backdrop to the botanical bird print shower curtain that I scored at Target last week for 50% off ($9.98!). The next step in updating the space will involve swapping out the current outdated light fixture with this charming lantern-esque one. Then comes all the small (yet equally important) components — apothecary jars for storing cotton balls and Q-tips; wire baskets for corralling hand towels and toiletries; new cabinet knobs for adding charm to the now-boring vanity; a jute bath rug for infusing a bit of texture to the space; an oil can soap dispenser for giving off a cool farmhouse feel; and a mix of accessories to complete the look! I am also thinking a rustic DIY towel rack is in order for this wall where I previously showed you the paint swatches.

Progress post coming next week! Have a great weekend!



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