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costly coffee conundrum solved.

If you’re anything like me, you love lattes but don’t love the price. My typical Starbucks summer order used to go something like this… “a tall, sugar-free caramel iced soy latte, please!”  The total? $3.87 (yikes!) Realizing I could concoct a similar drink for almost half the price, my new order became… “a tall iced coffee with a shot of sugar-free caramel and a splash of soy.”  The new and improved latte knock-off total? A mere $1.94!

*Also a good money-saving tip: always make sure to ask for “light on the ice” to get more coffee for your dollar!

Oh! And don’t forget to bring in your re-usable mug or tumbler to Starbucks to save 10 cents on your drink  (or bring it to Caribou to save 15 cents, or to Dunn Bros. and save 25 cents!) – save some cash while saving some trees! And speaking of Starbucks and being eco-friendly, check out the various ways they are striving to be green! — http://www.starbucks.com/responsibility/environment


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