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crave vs save.

I’m back with another round of “crave vs save”! These product price comparisons just go to show you don’t have to shell out big bucks to get what you’re after when it comes to decorating + furnishing your home. If you look hard enough, there will almost always be a cheaper version whether it be at Target, a thrift store or even something you could DIY. Patience and diligence is often all it takes!

crave vs save

soap pumpAnthropologie, $32                                    Target, $9.99

tree stump table     Crate & Barrel, $399                                   DIY, approx. $15

sheep skin rugs   Pottery Barn, $79                                                IKEA, $29.99

pillow price comparisonAnthropologie, $198                          Etsy, $30 (cover only)

woven storage basketsPottery Barn, $129           World Market, $59.99              Target, $24.99

Have you come across a great deal lately that you know would have costed you a lot more elsewhere?

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