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the making of a vegetable garden.

then and now

When we first moved into our house last summer, I was pretty excited about the garden boxes that had been left behind (reference top pic). I figure it’d be the perfect spot for starting our first little vegetable/herb garden the following summer. Over the course of the winter months, I started creating a list of all the things I wanted to plant come spring. As my list continued to grow, it quickly became clear that those boxes weren’t going to be able to host all of the veggies I had my heart set on growing. So fast forward to this May when we decided to get rid of the boxes in favor of building our own fenced-in garden, allowing us to plant multiple rows worth of goodies. (Go big or go home, right?) In a nutshell, here’s how it went down:



We got rid of the boxes but were thankfully able to salvage a few of them that my parents are now using. We then reused the dirt that had filled the boxes. (Two instances of reduce, reuse, recycle! Woo-hoo!)


Then we built the frame of the garden and tilled the soil prior to planting. Above is how it looked before the chicken wire was stapled onto the frame (a necessity to keep our chickens, dog and other pesky animals out!) I’m thinking the gate could totally use a fun little sign like this, or maybe a DIY version more like this!

Next (and not pictured) we planted what we had started indoors (bell peppers, cherry tomatoes & beefsteak tomatoes) followed by the organic seed packets we had purchased which included beets, lettuce, spinach, green beans, cucumbers, watermelon, & strawberries.


And here is what it’s looking like now! As you can see, the middle row is vacant, along with a few other spots. With the late start of spring/summer and us being rookies at gardening, we knew there was a good chance that not everything was going to make it (or anything for that matter!). So unfortunately the green beans, spinach, and watermelon never made it to the germination process, but we’re not complaining since we still have a whole slew of other items that did make it!

We’re considering this a “learning year” and hope to only improve the garden as time goes on!

What did you plant this year?


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