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DIY “dream” wall art.

Aside from the “bigger” projects I’ve been working on as I mentioned in my last post, I’ve also intermittently been working on a few smaller-scale projects like what I’m showing you today.  Say hello to my latest piece of DIY wall art!

diy wall artThis project ended up being completely free because I already had the supplies laying around. Don’t you love it when that happens?

diy wall artI’d been on the lookout for some wall art for this space for a while but hadn’t come across anything I really liked or was willing to spend the money on. While rummaging through our workroom a few weeks back, I was reminded of some scrap wood that I had left over from a previous project (this one, to be exact).

First I secured the wood together with a flat brace. I purposely secured them unevenly for a more “worn” look and painted over them with several coats of different colored paint to distress it. (Check out my distress how-to here). From there, I printed out the letters from a Word doc, cut them, and traced them onto the wood. Once I filled in the trace marks with black paint, a little more distressing took place and that was it! Easy peasy huh?

diy wall art

I am thinking of making a smaller one similar for the office that either says “inspire” or “create.”

This is a project anyone can do at home. Even if you don’t already own the supplies, wood is pretty easy to come by for cheap and all you need are some stencils and paint.

Click the links to check out my other DIY signs — Fresh Eggs, Garden Tour, Market.



P.S. The main floor bathroom project is complete… I just didn’t get around to taking pictures over the weekend. Stay tuned for an update within the week and head to my Instagram for a sneak peek!


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flea market fun + DIY old-fashioned sign.

This past weekend I went to one of Rochester’s most anticipated annual events among the dedicated deal seekers and crazy collectors: the Gold Rush flea market. I am talking acres upon acres worth of salvaged goodies… truly a thriftanista’s dream!! Although I sadly left empty-handed, I walked away with plenty of inspiration which later came in handy for my latest DIY project.

Scroll through a few of the flea market photos I took, or head straight to the bottom of this post to see my DIY!

flea marketWhy, thank you!

vintage lanternsI loved so many of these old lanterns but they were a bit on the spendy side so I had to pass.

flea market

vintage card catalogThis card catalog had me swooning! It would be perfect for a study or in a living room for a cool conversation piece. I just couldn’t swallow the price tag.

flea market

rustic medicine cabinetCool rustic medicine cabinet, no?

vintage cratesCrates, crates and more… crates! I currently have a few at home that I stacked on top of one another to make a side table in our living room (see it in the second picture of this post).

flea market“I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my biiike!”

scrabble piecesGreat for a project like this or this!

flea marketTable after table of stuff… a bit overwhelming to say the least!

window paneI am a sucker for window panes but I passed this one up since I already have three. (Check out this one that I turned into a chalkboard + key holder!)

flea market

vintage road signsPiles of street signs.

All of the timeless trinkets and old-fashioned finds that I passed by had me wanting a cool antique piece to call my own, but without the expensive price tag to go along with it. When I returned home from the flea market that day, I came across a small rectangular piece of wood laying in our workroom from our kitchen construction project this past winter. Suddenly I had an idea: make a vintage-inspired sign!

I didn’t take pictures of the process of making it, but here’s a summary of what I did to get to the final product that you see here:

DIY market sign

The piece of wood was already painted an off-white color so that saved me a step. To give it an “aged” appearance I roughed it up and chipped off some of the edges.

DIY market sign

Next, I bought a packet of 4 inch stencils from the local craft store for $5.99. I traced “market” with a pencil and filled it in with some black chalkboard paint I had laying around. (The chalkboard paint also gave the letters a nice matte finish). I hand drew the arrow and painted it red to add a pop of color.

DIY market sign

To finish, I attached some picture-hanging wire to the back of the wood and hung it above our back door. (The arrow is pointing toward the kitchen which I thought was fitting.)

DIY market siggn

To give it a bit more of a distressed look I might go over it with a belt sander, but that is what it looks like for now!

If you’re looking to embark on a relatively easy DIY project, I would say you should consider making wall art out of a scrap piece of wood like I did; it’s simple, unique and best of all — cheap!


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