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bathroom facelift, round 2.

Last year you guys saw our upstairs bathroom facelift here where we made a handful of basic updates, i.e. paint, new storage cabinet, accessories and framing out the mirror. Well a few months back we finished what I’m calling “round 2” of the bathroom facelift which involved installing a new counter top, sink, & faucet, and I also added a new toilet paper holder, a new towel ring and I gave the vanity a fresh coat of white paint. Oh, and I ended up moving the bird shower curtain from the basement guest bathroom to this one.

sink before

sink after

bathroom makeover

bathroom vanityThe vanity got a fresh coat of paint and a new toilet paper holder. I kept the original glass knobs for their charm.



bathroom before and afterView from the hallway. Previous homeowner pic compared to the bathroom today.

before and afterIn the after: mirror is framed out, new counter top + sink + faucet, & replaced the towel bar with a towel ring.

I would love to replace the light fixture and I’m considering painting the back-splash tile white, so don’t be surprised if you see “round 3” of updates for this room… but that’s all for now!


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