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progress report: master bedroom

I’m back with another progress report on the house! While there are still a few more things we want to do in our bedroom, we think it’s safe to say it’s made a noteworthy makeover so far.

The first three photos below show the “before” from the way the previous homeowners had the room situated and the rest show the progress we’ve made. Check it out:



PROGRESS – We ditched the violet/gray sponge paint pictured on the left in favor of a soothing blue as seen on the right. (The color is “Herringbone” by Valspar)

*Items pictured: curtains = Target, table lamp on left = Lowe’s, brick side table = hand-me-down, alarm clock = Target, wall sconce = Target, duvet cover & pillow shams = West Elm, ampersand pillow = HOM Furniture, table lamp on right = consignment store, bedside table = Home Goods, faux fur rug = Target.

AFTER! (well, progress at least!) The room feels much larger now that the windows aren’t being blocked and more natural light can come in. We currently just  have our mattress on the floor but I am planning on putting wood pallets underneath so we are not blocking the heat vents along the wall (but still not blocking the windows, either. I am thinking something like this). We also would like to add a few plants for some natural greenery and eventually install dark bamboo blinds to all four windows.

Where the previous owners had a small jewelry storage table, we decided to put a reading nook to make the space more usable and inviting.

*Items pictured: curtains = Home Goods, hanging lamp = thrift store, throw = West Elm, accent pillow = hand-me-down, chair & ottoman = IKEA, antique side table = hand-me-down, magazine rack = IKEA

Still figuring out what exactly we want to do with that nook off to the right… It would be a good place to tuck away seasonal clothes or linens if we were to come across a storage bin that was sized nicely for the space.

*Items pictured: Mirror = hand-me-down, dresser = IKEA

The dresser still needs a little ‘dressing up’ so to speak; I am thinking a plant and a few antique trays for jewelry and such. As for the short wall on the left, it’s in definite need of a piece of art.

*Items pictured: curtains = Home Goods, wall art = IKEA

The other half of the room. Here you see Mr. Robot, aka our additional heat/AC for the upstairs which I’ll have to figure out how to work around for now, possibly mask it with a large plant… your ideas are more than welcome!

*Items pictured: hamper  & curtains from Home Goods,

So that’s the transformation thus far! Thoughts?


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